Where is the Newport area and what is the average apartment cost there?

One small city in the New England area renowned for its delightful mix of Colonial heritage, stunning beaches, lively waterfront and cultural offerings is Newport, Rhode Island. Located about an hour from Boston and 30 miles south of Providence, Newport is a haven of several upscale pursuits, including America’s cup yacht racing (which has left it with a legacy as the Sailing Capital of America), renowned music and film festivals, and the International Tennis Hall of Fame and Museum.

The charm of this New England town is very appealing to summer travelers looking for a leisurely, fun-filled and enriching vacation. As a result, finding apartments in Newport area that are affordable may be a bit challenging. As for rental rates, you can expect to pay between $775 and $1,110 for a one-bedroom, with two-bedroom places ranging from $800 to $1,500. How much you pay will depend a lot on the exact location and proximity to the oceanfront and other attractions.

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