College Essentials

June 14, 2012 | 1 Comment

You may be sitting on the beach right now enjoying summer, with school long forgotten.  But, before you know it, college will be creeping back up on you, and you need to be prepared!

It’s almost time for another school year, and often what to bring with you is the question.  There are certain essentials every college student needs to start the year off right in their apartment.


There are several areas of the apartment you want to focus on: the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the closet, cleaning essentials and last but not least, the decor.



Bedding, drapes, rugs, clocks, alarms, fans, mirrors, storage, night stands, desk hutch, dresser, desk, TV, etc.


Towels, wash cloths, shower curtain, curtain liner, shower caddy, soap dispenser, bathrobe, bath mat, shower curtain rings, trash can, toilet cleaner, plunger, etc.


Dishes, utensils, cookware, sugar set, salt and pepper set, coffee mugs, coffee pot, dish towels, potholders, tablecloths, place mats, bar stools, microwave, etc.


Vacuum, duster, broom, dust pan, mop, garbage can, iron, ironing board, laundry basket, etc.


Hangers, storage bins, surge protectors, extension cords, flashlights, batteries, hooks, etc.


Design to your taste!


Bed, Bath, and Beyond has a full list of college essentials to check out so you don’t forget anything important!


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