Dealing with Stress while Moving

October 12, 2007 | 2 Comments


I know moving can be challenging and is sometimes overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be so stressful. I know how hard it is to pack all your stuff and move (I’ve moved three times in 2 years!). So to help with all your future moves (and mine), here’s some advice that I’ve found that’ll make the process smoother.

Ask for help. With my last move, I definitely broke this rule of thumb. I felt like I had to do everything on my own. By the end I was ready to pull my hair out. But asking for help is absolutely necessary. As hard as it may be, relinquishing control is important to keeping your sanity. So give everyone in your family (or friends) a little task and you’ll have less on your shoulders.

Organize. Keeping your ‘To-Do’ lists is important in moving. You need to make sure that you have everything in line and ready to go when you move into your new place. Make sure you fill out the necessary paperwork, get deadlines set and keep track of all the little things. You should schedule cut off dates for your utilities to be shut off and take back your cable box; you’d be surprised how things like that will pile up right before you move! Also be sure and label all your boxes so that when you move into your new apartment, you know what goes where.

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Be flexible. Just like anything else in life, nothing is set in stone. You can plan and organize all you want, but sometimes things just don’t go as planned. Being flexible and being prepared for any ‘snags’ you have will make the day go by a lot easier.

For more moving tips or to search moving resources, check out Their Relocation Center has everything that you need to move including mover’s checklist, moving supplies, truck rentals. Hopefully next time you or I move, it’ll be much more peaceful!

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