What are some things to remember when moving out of an apartment?

April 25, 2012 | 1 Comment

2443643-sWhen moving from one apartment to another, it can help to have a checklist of things you will want to do prior to closing the door for good. Here is a good guide for moving out:

  • Complete a change of address form at the post office to insure you continue getting all of your bills, magazines and other mail. You can do this on the Internet if you want to save time. If you have a box, double-check it one last time prior to leaving.
  • Retrieve any borrowed items from neighbors in the building and return any you have.
  • Give the place a good cleaning and try to leave it as you found it. Don’t forget areas such as the oven and your storage unit if you have one in the building. If you did an inventory when you moved in, make sure that the place is as close as possible to the same condition.
  • Do a walk through with your landlord to determine the state of your security deposit.
  • Make sure you remove anything you have added to the apartment and want to take with you such as decorative pull-chains or wall unit air conditioners.
  • Turn in your keys to the landlord.

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