For Rent Media Solutions™ Launches LEADS™ Dashboard

April 30, 2009 | 0 Comments

 For Rent Media Solutions™ announces the launch of the new LEADS™ Dashboard. The dashboard was designed to offer a more streamlined approach for property managers to monitor their advertising performance and drive more leads.

LEADS Dashboard

“Property managers today are challenged to get more done with fewer resources” said Terry Slattery, president of For Rent Media Solutions. “In these economically challenged times, we understand the importance of proving advertising value for our clients. The new LEADS Dashboard lets our account executives act as total media consultants for our clients, evaluating the overall health of their advertising.”

To better accommodate clients’ needs, For Rent conducted a survey amongst 71 national and local advertisers and decision makers. According to the respondents, walk-in visits, e-mail guest cards and phone calls ranked high as the most valuable type of response from apartment seekers. For Rent used these findings to redesign the dashboard to sort and color-code data based on lead type, allowing clients to easily find the information they are seeking. Watch this video to get a peek at the new LEADS Dashboard.

What’s In it For You?

  • With all of your LEADS data available in one place in an easy to-read design, daily tracking of the past 30 days of your advertising performance can now be done quickly and effortlessly.
  • The convenience and smart design of the LEADS dashboard allows you to monitor your results on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and acts a portal to more detailed reports.
  • The Dashboard can be printed or exported to PDF or Excel in seconds.
  • Easy-to-read graphs breakdown your total LEADS.
  • Your time is our priority. The graphs have been designed and color-coded throughout the LEADS Dashboard for instant visual reference.
  • Different LEAD types are arranged in order of relevance, according to an internal survey of customers just like you.
  • The Touch point section enables you to see how apartment shoppers gather information about your community and is a good indicator of your property’s advertising health. This section will show you where you may need to update your listing.

To read an interview between Terry Slattery, president of For Rent Media Solutions and Erika Schnitzer, associate editor of click here>>

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