introduces “Snap and Go” mobile scanning tag

July 22, 2010 | 0 Comments

New mobile bar code scanner lets renters scan For Rent Magazine® bar codes to find apartments in their area

If Calvin Klein can do it, why not us? As Rick Mathieson highlights in his article Video: Forget Those Racy Billboards-Calvin Klein’s Showing off its QR Codes, the fashion retailer has replaced three of its billboards in NYC and Los Angeles with giant QR codes with the headline “Get It Uncensored.” Snap a photo with your smart phone and you get an exclusive, 40-second commercial that can then be shared with friends via Facebook and Twitter. This just adds to the list of highly interactive experiences that brands like Coca-Cola, Domino’s and others are enabling through QR codes.

Now is on that exclusive list as we announce the launch of Snap and Go on the For Rent Magazine. Prospective renters can use this tag to scan a bar code through the camera on their mobile phone, which brings them to their area’s apartment listings on the mobile site. The “Snap and Go” tag is a mobile media first in the multi-housing industry.

The ‘Snap and Go’ tag is another option we provide to renters to help them in their “on the go” apartment search. “Through ‘Snap and Go’ and other features like unique URLs, text messaging short codes and social media icons, which are included on each For Rent Magazine ad, we are truly making our print publications interactive. These interactive features create a seamless way for renters to use our print publication to access information online or through their mobile device,” said Brock MacLean, senior vice president of national sales and development, For Rent Media Solutions.

How To Use a QR Code?

Click play below to watch a how-to video that demonstrates how to download and use Snap and Go.

Since the January 2009 introduction of Microsoft® Tag, more than one billion tags have been created for businesses worldwide. According to the Microsoft® Tag site, more than 20 million magazines featuring the tag were in the hands of U.S. consumers during the month of April.

Click here to download the Microsoft® Tag Reader app.

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