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September 30, 2009 | 0 Comments

Today we celebrated two birthdays in one event; a Ms. Kimetha Hill and a Ms. Amanda Hall have birthdays on September 30th and October 3rd respectively. Within the marketing department at For Rent Media Solutions we have a little tradition. We decorate the birthday individual’s cubical and bring in baked goodies. Who doesn’t love a yummy baked goodie?

Typically we do cupcakes. Although there has been a delicious strawberry pound cake brought in before,  today it was lemon frosting on lemon cake. And instead of regular cupcakes, there was a GYNORMOUS cupcake!


Maybe you’ve seen these types of pans in stores near you; I purchased mine from Williams and Sonoma. However, I’ve heard they are also located in Michaels. Using just one box of cake mix (you can use two for a larger cupcake) you will bake a top and a bottom simultaneously. After it has baked for about 40 or so minutes (depending on your oven) you can place the top on the bottom to give it shape. Add frosting and other decorations (here sprinkles were used) and away you go! I will have to warn you though, for travel purposes it’s easier to have the top and bottom separated until you get to your location.

Here’s one of the birthday girls taking a bite out of her cake now…

Kimetha Hill and her cupcake

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