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What are apartments like in Illinois?

Illinois apartments come in many different shapes and sizes. Along Lake Michigan you will find some of the most expensive rentals in the state—along with a view to justify the price tag. As you get away from the downtown area, apartments tend to be less costly, although that isn’t always the case. In many suburban […]

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What is Chicago like?

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States and it is the biggest city in Illinois. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago and its surrounding suburbs have plenty of rental properties available. Chicago apartments come in many different forms, from slick loft apartments in the city center to single-family brick […]

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What are rents in Chicago?

If you are looking for apartments in Chicago, you probably would like to have some idea of how much they cost. The average low price of a rental is $804 and the average high is $1,455. Although much of this depends on things such as location and size, you would be safe making general estimates […]

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What is the downtown area like in Chicago?

Chicago’s downtown is affectionately known as "The Loop," and it is here that you will find skyscrapers and State Street. Home to The Art Institute of Chicago and Millennium Park, this is one of the most beautiful sections of the city. Apartments in downtown Chicago are conveniently located near much of the city center, but […]

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What is The Magnificent Mile like?

If you are looking at apartments for rent in Chicago in the heart of downtown, you may want to look near the area that has been termed "The Magnificent Mile." Located on North Michigan Avenue, this popular spot has some of the best shopping in the city, and plenty of other things to do as […]

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What is Oak Park like?

If you are looking to live in the area around Chicago, rental apartments can be found just west of the city in Oak Park. This charming village has a wide range of choices when it comes to rental property. You can find everything from a studio apartment over one of the stores in downtown Oak […]

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