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Where can I find a pet-friendly apartment near Cincinnati that allows Pit Bulls?

Dog owners in Ohio—Pit Bull owners, to be precise—are finding themselves in a quandary when it comes to finding apartments in Cincinnati that are pet friendly, but don’t allow Pit Bulls. If you encounter this problem, hold your fire. It’s nothing personal. Not against you, anyway. And it isn’t up to the apartment owners, either. […]

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Are there any tricks to getting around mandatory credit checks by rental companies and apartment owners?

There have been books written and fortunes made by people who promise miracle cures for bad credit, and if your FICO score reads more like an IQ score (we’re talking the low 100s here), you may have leaned in close to listen to a few tricks of the trade. Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there […]

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Where can I find quiet apartments for grad students near the University of Cincinnati?

April 26, 2012 | 0 Comments

Say the words “college student housing” and the first image that springs to mind is probably that of an apartment littered with beer cans, bearing the disheveled appearance of a tenement tossed on its side in the middle of a windstorm. That is the stereotypical image solidified by raunchy Hollywood movies, but the reality is […]

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Where can I find a cheap, safe apartment in Cincinnati?

Most people know that when it comes to housing, cheap is not always synonymous with safe. But those that know how to look, and that utilize every tool at their disposal (apartment search engines, Google, city data and online crime report sites) to find a good place to live for themselves and their families, know […]

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Can I find a nice apartment in Northeast Cincinnati that will accept me with a bad credit or eviction history?

Renters in Cincinnati with poor credit or previous evictions may find themselves facing an uphill battle when looking for a new apartment. However, not everyone with a checkered rental history is guaranteed to face outright rejection. Having a lease co-signer, renting from a private owner, or offering to put down double the security deposit can […]

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Are there any income based apartments in the Cincinnati area?

Online rental property searches aren’t just for people who can afford to take their pick of the crop without regard to cost—quite the contrary. Using an online search engine that’s equipped to take factors like income restrictions and Section 8 eligibility into consideration can help you find affordable housing in a way that a diligent […]

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What area of Cincinnati is best for historic architecture?

Cincinnati, Ohio’s third largest city, is rich in history, and has many claims to fame. Baseball fans love it for being home to the Cincinnati Reds; and ardent football fans find reason to exist in the Cincinnati Bengals. But set within its historic Over-the-Rhine district is an attraction of equal, and some might say far […]

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Is it possible to get an apartment with bad credit?

Hopeful renters with less than stellar credit histories may find themselves coming up against roadblocks in their attempts at finding housing. Property owners and apartment complexes routinely run credit checks on applicants; credit histories marred by bankruptcy, foreclosure, and public liens are usually the first to be screened out. If you’re one of these people, […]

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What are some of the local attractions for renters in Central Cincinnati?

If you are an animal enthusiast who is looking for an excuse to spend every available weekend cavorting with chimps, matching the wicked stares of caged lions, or reveling in the towering height of giraffes, consider a move to the Avondale neighborhood in Cincinnati, home to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. Apartments in Central […]

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What concerns should I have about finding a pet friendly apartment?

Few pet owners would be willing to part with their four-legged companions, even if it meant sacrificing a desired apartment. The fact is, for as many apartments that welcome pets, there are an equal number that don’t—for obvious reasons. The damage that pets can do to carpets and flooring can cost your landlord an arm […]

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