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Local Mobile Wars – Boston

February 22, 2013 | 0 Comments

Local Mobile Wars Smartphone use is on the rise, with 101.3 million reported users as of March, 2012.[1] The number of people finding apartments or houses with the aid of their smartphones (and mapping technology) is on the rise as well. [2,3]   But which operating systems reign supreme in house-hunting and mapping in Boston? […]

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What is Cambridge like?

The Boston area is home to some of our country’s most prestigious colleges, and any number of areas will offer Massachusetts apartments within reach of these institutions. The city of Cambridge, just outside of Boston itself, is home to two educational powerhouses – Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Harvard University is […]

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What is the draw of the South of Boston area?

One of the most densely-populated neighborhoods in Boston is South Boston, once known for being a working-class, predominately Irish-American neighborhood. In recent years, this part of Boston has become both a destination as well as a settlement for young professionals and families who are drawn to the city’s strong sense of community and close proximity […]

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What types of recreational activities are available in and around Boston?

For such a small state, Massachusetts has one of the nation’s largest state park and forest systems, providing an abundance of recreational opportunities for residents, especially those renting Boston apartments. From water sports to hiking trails, cross country skiing to camping, not to mention biking, horseback riding and white water rafting, Boston and the surrounding […]

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Is it possible to find apartments that are relatively cheap in Boston?

A highly-populated city with lots going on, Boston is an exciting place to live, but it’s not cheap. The median price of the rental apartments Boston has to offer is somewhere in the $1,000 range. Finding cheap apartments in Boston is possible, though, and here are some ideas to make it work: The more desirable, […]

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How does one get around using public transportation in and around Boston?

Any number of the a partments for rent in Boston will put you in the heart of a vibrant and exciting city, but getting around such a metropolitan area can sometimes be difficult. Millions of residents choose to use the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) as their transportation mode of choice. With buses, commuter railways, […]

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What is to be found in West of Boston?

For history buffs and literary types, apartments in west of Boston are a good choice. The suburbs in this part of Boston are the location of several historical landmarks, not to mention the hub of some high-tech companies. Lexington and Concord, the site of the famous Revolutionary War battle, are located west of Boston, as […]

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What cities comprise the metropolitan Boston area and what are the population statistics?

The area of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that surrounds the city of Boston is known as Greater Boston, the tenth-largest metropolitan area in the country. For those who enjoy a bustling city atmosphere full of energy, excitement and people (over 4 million at last estimate) one of the many New England/Greater Boston apartments that are […]

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What is the climate like in Boston?

If you like diversity in your weather, Boston is your kind of place. The climate changes considerably in each season, and has even been known to take an unusual turn–think snow in October and heat-waves in February. But the soothing spring with its ocean breezes and the undeniably spectacular fall foliage make New England a […]

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What do apartments average in the Metro Boston area?

If you’re planning a move to New England, don’t be surprised when you discover the cost of living there. With all the eclectic charm, East Coast sophistication, trendy nightlife, and Ivy League flair, residing in this part of the country, particularly Boston, is quite costly. Boston proper is a moderately populated area, with around 600,000 […]

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