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Local Mobile Wars – Boston

February 22, 2013 | 0 Comments

Local Mobile Wars Smartphone use is on the rise, with 101.3 million reported users as of March, 2012.[1] The number of people finding apartments or houses with the aid of their smartphones (and mapping technology) is on the rise as well. [2,3]   But which operating systems reign supreme in house-hunting and mapping in Boston? […]

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Where is the Newport area and what is the average apartment cost there?

One small city in the New England area renowned for its delightful mix of Colonial heritage, stunning beaches, lively waterfront and cultural offerings is Newport, Rhode Island. Located about an hour from Boston and 30 miles south of Providence, Newport is a haven of several upscale pursuits, including America’s cup yacht racing (which has left […]

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What art venues are there in Boston?

For those who are into the arts, Boston is an ideal city. Regardless of which of the many Boston area apartments you choose to settle in, you will be in close proximity (via subway, train or on foot) to exceptional museums and art centers. Two of the more popular art museums in the area are […]

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Where is the Providence area and what is the average apartment cost?

Perhaps you’re looking to relocate to New England but prefer a location far less populated than a metropolitan area. You may find just what you’re looking for adjacent to Massachusetts in the tiny state of Rhode Island. A mere stone’s throw from Boston (60 miles to be exact), Rhode Island is only 48 miles long […]

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What are some popular shopping venues in Boston?

Living in apartments for rent in Boston puts anyone who loves to shop in a perfect location. Since Boston is a walking city with such an outstanding transportation system, it is easy to hit all the best spots. Varied shopping districts dot the city, sure to match the taste and preference of any shopping aficionado. […]

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What is Newport, Rhode Island like?

Aside from the beautiful beaches that provide ample opportunity for water activities such as sailing, Newport, Rhode Island offers an impressive scope of entertainment no matter your taste. Whether you are looking for a place where you can relax on a beach, take long, scenic walks, or enjoying fine wines, apartments in Newport area can […]

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What is there for sports fans to enjoy in Boston?

Boston residents are loyal to their city, and they are also loyal to their local sports teams. For baseball fans, there are the Boston Red Sox who play at Fenway Park. The Red Sox became the 2004 World Series Champs after not winning a championship for 86 years, skyrocketing the town’s pride once more. Basketball […]

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What is Portsmouth, New Hampshire like?

Outside the metropolis of Boston, the adjacent New England states offer charm, culture and history in smaller, quainter settings. One such place is Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which is a mere 50 miles from downtown Boston. Like Boston proper, Portsmouth is a walking city. You can easily explore the numerous historic sites, museums and old homes […]

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What is Manchester, New Hampshire like?

With all of the New England states being in such close proximity, a short drive will easily take you from one to another. One such state, New Hampshire, is situated northeast of Massachusetts and has over 220 towns to choose from. Known as the “Mother of Rivers” for the bounty of New England rivers that […]

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How is our nation’s history chronicled on the streets of Boston?

Boston is a haven for American history, so for those who enjoy reliving America’s journey to independence, Boston area apartments are a great choice. The Freedom Trail, which connects 16 sites relevant to the American Revolution, runs through downtown Boston and offers a glimpse of what, where and how our nation was founded. The rental […]

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