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What is Goshen, Indiana like?

One of the smaller cities outside of South Bend that has a lot to offer is Goshen, Indiana. Located in the Northern Indiana region known as Michiana (near the border where Michigan and Indiana meet), and just 25 miles southeast of South Bend, Goshen is full of entertainment of all sorts. In your search for […]

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What is the nightlife in South Bend like?

If you’re looking for a place that will bring you near some happening night spots, the apartments South Bend, Indiana has available may fit the bill. Like any other locale, residents can choose whether or not to partake of the city’s nighttime offerings. But living in a downtown district definitely puts you in the heart […]

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What is the Lincoln Highway?

If you’re a road trip junkie, settling down in the South Bend area would be a convenient way to satisfy your fix. From that location, you can easily hop on the Lincoln Highway, a highway stretching across 12 states in a continuous route from New York to California. The road traverses 3,389 miles, with a […]

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