Topic: North Central Indiana

What is South Bend Indiana like?

With about 40% of the city’s living spaces available to renters, someone looking for apartments in South Bend has many options. The most populated cities in the nearby area are Mishawaka and Elkhart, which account for about 90% of South Bend’s population. You might enjoy Elkhart or Mishawaka rentals, but smaller townships adjacent to these […]

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What kind of weather can one expect in South Bend?

With the breeze from Lake Michigan sweeping through town, residents and visitors to South Bend and the surrounding areas can count on generally pleasant weather that supports a variety of outdoor activities. In the summer months of June, July and August, South Bend’s temperature is milder than the more southern parts of the state, typically […]

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What is downtown South Bend like?

Scanning listings for Indiana apartment rentals can take you from tiny towns to bustling metropolitan areas. South Bend is one of Indiana’s truly great cities, and the downtown area is a city growing in sophistication and popularity. With 70 shops, 58 restaurants, four museums, more than 20 arts and entertainment venues, loads of parks and […]

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What can be found for tourists and visitors in the Amish settlements around South Bend?

Remember the old saying, “It takes all kinds?” Large cities are melting pots encompassing a wide array of ages, occupations, interests and family histories. South Bend and its surrounding areas are no different, so apartments in South Bend can offer the diversity you’ve been craving. Take, for example, the Nappanee and Shipshewana areas, traditional Amish […]

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