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If you’ve been looking for the ‘perfect’ apartment, chances are you haven’t found it yet! When you’re shopping around for a new place to call home, you should make a list of amenities that are ‘must haves’ for you. Often, you’ll find a really nice apartment that seems like a perfect fit – until you find out there is only a single bathroom for your family of four! Uh oh. At this point, you can do a few things: walk away, negotiate prices and fees with the leasing office, or make the decision to forego the extra bathroom in order to have an apartment that fulfills your other high priority amenities. Having a list of priorities or ‘must haves’ can assist you in the decision-making process. Here are a few things to think about as you’re searching for your ‘dream’ apartment:

Necessity vs. Desire

Is it critical to have more than one bathroom, or would you feel comfortable passing that up if you could find a great apartment that fits all of your other needs?

Prioritize Your Needs

Do you REALLY need that dishwasher? Sure, it’s a luxury and a time-saver…but would you walk away from a 1000 square foot apartment with no dishwasher for a 600 square foot apartment that does have a dishwasher?


Is central air conditioning a deciding factor? Would you consider another property with great amenities despite the fact it may only have window A/C units?

Know Your Style

Are you looking for an older, charming bungalow or a modern, sleek high-rise apartment to call home?


Do you plan to adopt a pet? If so, make sure to add ‘pet-friendly’ to your list of desired amenities!

Think Long-Term

Are you hoping for a first-floor abode or a fifth-floor walkup? Those stairs may be a challenge when you’re carrying groceries in, but they’re also a great form of exercise!

It’s so important to follow your intuition when searching for the perfect apartment – and remember, never settle until you’re satisfied! With a bit of patience and a great checklist, you’ll discover an apartment that suits your needs and fits your lifestyle. Happy apartment searching!


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  1. Sonia Thomas says:
    I’m relocating to Tucson from the NYC area. My myst have’s for an apartment are a large soaking tub, hard wood floors, a patio and a pool. I also need either an onsite dog park or park close by to walk my dog,. It’s difficult to enter those filterssthrough regular search sites. . How should I go about finding an apartment community that has these features? Should I go through an agent? It’s becoming really time consuming,.
  2. I have only just recently started looking into renting an apartment due to unforeseen circumstances. I am also handicapped and on a fixed income. And I am already finding it very challenging to fit my needs as a disabled person on this type of income who needs a ground level apartment out of state! I also think it’s ridiculous that a credit check us done for a lease when a person tries to start out!
  3. Janie Rodriguez says:
    Looking for a 850 square feet apartment and close to downtown and 281, if possible.


    • Hi Janie,

      When you search on ForRent.com, you can use our 3D floor plans to find out the square footage information. You can also use the map feature and the Neighborhoods tab to filter.

  4. karen Campbell says:
    Trying to find me a place to live can you help
  5. How can i insist on new carpeting, before i move into my new apartment?
  6. Daniel Cole says:
    Hi Maria. I am Daniel Cole. I just want to tell you about myself. I lived in Vancouver, WA 3 years until my father talked me into coming to Seattle to help take care of him. Absolutely one of the amazing people on this planet!! Since, he passed away. I am moving back to open a business with my nephew. Am not currently employed but money is not an issue. Am single, so anyplace with 700 sq. feet {approx.} is ok. The situation is I need something soon. Thankyou.
    • Hi Daniel,

      We wish you a happy move back to Seattle. With our 3D floor plan feature, you will easily be able to see the square footage to choose the apartment that is right for you.

  7. I maria I’m looking to move to las Vegas with my wife were both on a fixed income we looked on the rent.com site and we saw three appartments we liked the 1, was a one bedroom for the price we both liked but the realtor kept changing the price the same for 2,the third was a furnished stodio but the online application process doesn’t work when we put our information in what should we do i don’t want to fly all that way to be looking around when we arrive I’m leaving by mid September please help. Elliot
  8. Georgia Faye Pope says:
    I am looking for a first floor apartment, that has carpet in all rooms but bath, & kitchen. Would like a W/D but not necessary a dishwasher or microwave. Am a widow of 7 months, living in retirement home in Durham. But its very expensive & over my SS limit. Swimming pool for residents would be nice along with computer & exercise room. Prefer APEX, but will consider Holly Springs, or Cary.
    • Hello Georgia,

      Please check out this link for a list of apartments in the Apex, NC area
      Take your time searching through the several amenities available. We have over 900 apartments in the area. Happy Apartment Hunting!!

  9. Orville Scott Lamb says:
    I am looking for a fairly new apartment in a part of Memphis area or surrounding areas as long as it’s a low crime area. Prefer fire place and high ceilings at a affordable and reasonable monthly rent. 600.00 to 700.00 is as high as I can go. Preferably 600.00 range. Modern look possible island in kitchen.

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