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Online rental property searches aren’t just for people who can afford to take their pick of the crop without regard to cost—quite the contrary. Using an online search engine that’s equipped to take factors like income restrictions and Section 8 eligibility into consideration can help you find affordable housing in a way that a diligent hunt through the Sunday classifieds could never accomplish.

There are apartments in North Cincinnati located near the historic Over-the-Rhine district that are low cost, and if you’re interested in getting into a trendy location, the renovations taking place in the Vine Street vicinity might satisfy your chic-to-income ratio limitations. Housing developments on Linn Street in downtown Cincinnati also offer newer apartments for low-income renters.

Life in the Cincinnati area isn’t all about downtown dwelling, though. If you want to find an apartment that’ll allow you to keep the city at arm’s length while giving you easy access to it, look for apartments in smaller communities on the city’s perimeter such as Blue Ash, Fairfield, Hamilton, and Oxford, which is home to one of America’s eight “Public Ivy” schools, Miami University.

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