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Forbes.com has compiled a list of top ten cities in the U.S. for singles. Taken into account is the census of people for the populated area as well as the number of ‘hang out’ spots for young adults to meet and greet. In addition to bars and restaurants, the cities’ cultural offerings are an important component in the calculation.


Topping off the list is Boston. With their Fine Arts museums and live theater on top of being one of the biggest sports towns in the country, it offers a wide array of opportunity to meet new people.


How does your city compare? Is it on the list?

Top 10 cities for Singles

1. Boston

2. Austin

3. Washington/Baltimore

4. Raleigh Durham

5. Denver-Boulder

6. San Francisco/Oakland

7. San Diego

8. Houston

9. Minneapolis/ St. Paul

10. Atlanta

Source: Forbes.com

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