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The perfect urban neighborhood may vary from one opinion to the next, but the importance of careful planning when building urban communities is vital in distinguishing the way of life for the citizens of large cities and towns. This is why the development of cities and towns needs to always keep those Urbanites in mind, with special attention to modern conveniences and well as architectural design. The city may be the place they came to work and live, but living well and with as much ease as possible makes a welcoming community.

Resting in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, the “Mile-High City” of Denver, Colorado, has a few historic and long established, idyllic urban areas for you, with more on the way. Here is a list of just a few of the top favorites:


1. Lower Downtown

There are two portions of downtown Denver; the main city hub of tall skyscrapers and office buildings and what is affectionately called, Lo-Down, which is the more historical part of Denver. Filled with brick buildings converted into expensive condos, lofts, bars, and shops, it has fantastic mountain views, Riverfront Park along the Platte River, and quaint restaurants.

Many people seek to live in an urban development that is close to a big city so that they can cut down on transportation costs. For that case, Lower Downtown is an excellent choice for staying close to the action while enjoying the calmer side of living. It’s a high priced area, but a great urban area to explore and enjoy.

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2. Washington Park

Having the anonymity of living in a city can have its advantages, but many families also want the benefit of having their children’s schools close to their homes, their doctor’s office within easy commute distance, their religious center nearby, and of course the little market or pizza joint just down the block for those spontaneous moments.

A lovely community built within a one-hundred and sixty-five acre stretch of open meadows, thick trees, flowering gardens, crystal lakes, and jogging paths, Washington Park is a great place to live and explore. This neighborhood’s condensed collection of old-world buildings from the 1920s along with the fantastic alpine views, the family style restaurants, quaint coffee shops, and lively pubs make this neighborhood a much coveted area for any Urbanite to live or explore.

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3. Highland

If a recent economic downturn has made it so you simply can’t afford a house in the country, or you want a touch of city life without the bustle, then the Highland is your choice.

This urban area is mixed with all ethnic groups, but has a prominent mix of Italian-American and Hispanic-American families who’ve lived in the area for generations. Small, quaint, locally-owned shops and family-owned bistros lace the tree-lined streets, and old Italian- and Spanish-styled architecture make this neighborhood a must-explore location. Highland is more affordable than most other areas, and its close proximity to the mountains makes the view worth the small distance away from the city center.



4. Uptown

Maybe you’re moving closer to your job so you can save money by not purchasing a car and all the ongoing expenses affiliated with owning one from insurance to parking fees. For this urban living, you need easy access to train or bus lines, as well as a few open park spaces for weekend picnics or just your daily dog walking exercise.

Known as one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, Uptown is loaded with stunning turn-of-the-century Victorian homes. Located near downtown, it makes any commute is an easy breeze. Tree-lined streets filled with coffee shops, boutiques, and family owned restaurants, Uptown is a delight for any Urbanite. Sharing a border with City Park with its large lake and paddle boats, the Denver Zoo, as well as the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Uptown is truly an idyllic urban development.

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When you’re off on an exploration journey of the best urban areas in Denver, make sure to check out these delightful urban communities. If purchasing a home is not your immediate plan, you may want to consider renting or leasing, to be certain of which neighborhood and community is the perfect fit for you.

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