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What to Expect When Moving from a House to an Apartment

Moving from a house to a new apartment can provide you with a brand-new start. But it may also come with many changes that can feel foreign or overwhelming. However, change doesn’t have to be scary. Here are a couple of the biggest things you can expect when you make the leap from house to apartment — and a look at how you can make the most of these opportunities.

Planning to Downsize

These days everyone is all about downsizing. All you need to do is go on Pinterest or browse the magazine rack at the local market to find thousands of ideas about how to improve your life through downsizing. Lucky for you, downsizing is just part of the deal when you move from a house to an apartment. Here’s a closer look at how your new lifestyle embraces this trend.

Less space:

One of the most obvious changes you’ll encounter when you move from a house to an apartment is less living space. Apartments are designed for efficiency, which means that overall square footage will be less and individual rooms will be smaller.

This can mean rethinking your furniture —that oversized sofa may need to be traded in for a sleeker version that fits better in your new space. The upside is that you have the perfect excuse to go shopping and play with a whole new look for your new home.

Smaller yard:

Depending on whether you view mowing the lawn as a treat or a chore, this change can be either a disappointment or a dream come true. For busy professionals or people with small children at home, giving up the chores of mowing and weeding can be a huge perk.

Best of all, your landscaping will look great all the time —and you’ll never have to lift a finger. Plus, if you have a persistent green thumb, you can still scratch that itch with a container garden on a balcony.

Limited storage:

You’ll probably have to take a good, hard look at everything that’s currently living in a closet, cupboard, or drawer, and decide whether or not you can live without it. Some new renters use this opportunity to declutter their lives, while others learn to love the world of storage units.

It can be revitalizing to get rid of extra baggage you’ve been holding on to simply because you have a place for it to hang out. But if you have items you can’t bear to part with (Grandma’s china), it’s pretty affordable to rent a storage unit where your precious mementos will be safe and sound.


Consider Community Perks

If you’re conflicted about saying goodbye to your house, some sweet apartment bonuses may help you greet apartment life with open arms.


A pool, hot tub, fitness room, and someone else to worry about landscaping and lawn care —what’s not to love? One of the biggest perks of going from house to apartment living is the resort-like amenities that many communities offer.

Be prepared to take full advantage of these extras. Community amenities provide the chance to relax, stay in shape, and make new friends who live just down the hall.


Living in close quarters with neighbors adds a lot of extra safety. It’s easier to get to know neighbors and spot when someone is lurking around who doesn’t belong.

In addition, some rental communities have security guards or extra measures like pass cards or security codes to enter buildings and communal areas. Ask the landlord what sorts of security is in place when you take a tour of the premises; you may be pleasantly surprised at the safety measures you’ll get for little to no added cost.


Subscriptions for internet and TV may be included as part of your monthly rent. The upside is that these resources are no longer an extra expense; but those savings may mean you need to give up control over your providers and packages.

Be sure to find out what the internet situation is before you move in. Complex owners can get better deals on pay-TV packages by signing on several units in one go, so they often select one provider that residents must use. However, some landlords are more flexible — you may still be able to set up your own package with the service provider of your choice.


No matter why you’re moving from a house to an apartment, this change can be exciting. Prepare yourself to embrace apartment living and know what to expect by doing some thorough research before signing that lease.