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In a previous blog, Seal the Deal with the Landlord, I made a few suggestions about how to impress the landlord so that you can ‘seal the deal’ to get the apartment. I’ve since found tips on MSN Real Estate which echo my advice while giving a little more in-depth instruction on how to be the best applicant for the apartment of your choosing.

Number 1: Make A Good Impression

This applies to many instances of your life. In the words of Stacey London on ‘What Not to Wear’ “Dress for the job you want not the job you have!” If you want to get a better apartment, you need to dress appropriately for it. Give the potential leasing consultants a reason to want you there. Show up on time and have questions for the leasing consultant. Act like you want to live there!

Number 2: Bring Copies

Letters of recommendation and references from previous rental companies, neighbors or roommates will go a long way to impressing the leasing consultant. I would also recommend bringing copies of your recent pay-stubs, should you need to finalize paperwork to get approved. Being prepared gives them confidence in you as a tenant, so they’ll want you in their apartment.

Number 3: Pet Resume

Another tip mentioned on MSN Real Estate is bringing a pet resume. While I have suggested having a copy of the health/shot records for the leasing consultants so they know your animal is in good care, having a resume is an excellent idea. On this resume could be referrals from former landlords or roommates who can vouch for your pet’s good behavior. You could also put in there a copy of your animal’s obedience training certificate. All are good steps.

I would also recommend reading my previous blog, Seal the Deal with the Landlord, for additional tips, such as finances. But these are great quick tips for making you the best applicant for the apartment! I hope you’ve found this useful!

Source: Realestate.msn.com

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