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ForRent.com has many resources to help apartment seekers search for apartments for rent in their area, such as locating movers, truck rentals, etc. But another tool ForRent.com offers on it’s website is how to find a roommate! Powered with Roommates.com, we allow the apartment seekers on ForRent.com to view hundreds of possible roommates nationwide.

Just click on Find a Roommate under the ‘Getting Settled‘ tab on our homepage. The next page will prompt you to fill out criteria for your search. Whether you would like your roommate to be male, female, a certain age, and of course location. After you submit, you’ll receive results based off the criteria you entered in. Search the huge selection of possible roommates and view more information about them. To be able to view more information about a certain individual, or many, visit ForRent.com today and create an account with Roommates.com, it’s fast and easy!!


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