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College can be a scary thing to jump into and while rooming with your best friend may seem like the best way to make that transition, it can also be disastrous.  What will be best for you?  I found some advantages for both living with a friend, and with a stranger.  After you take a look at this, you may realize a stranger isn’t as scary as it seems.

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Living with a Friend:

  • If you choose to live with a friend, you know somewhat what you’re getting.  Not too many surprises, and you at least know you like the person.
  • You get to skip the awkward “hey we just met and I barely know you” beginning stages of the living situation.
  • If you’re someone who gets homesick easily, having that friend you already know can keep you grounded and not feel so far from home.
  • Campus can be overwhelming and scary with all of those people, having someone you already know and can count on can ease that anxiety.
  • Shopping for your new dorm with someone you know and who lives close to you can make decorating and being prepared a lot smoother.  Dividing up who brings what is also smoother.
  • Borrowing things from a friend is a lot easier and less awkward.  Friends are more willing to share their things.  Asking a stranger to borrow their computer or clothes may be weird to you at first.

Living with a Stranger:

  • If you live with a stranger and don’t get along, at the end of the year you can go your separate ways and not worry about it, whereas with a friend you could sacrifice a friendship.
  • Strain with your friend roommate can cause conflict with other mutual friends.  You won’t be able to vent about “roommate problems” because your roommate is your friends’ friend too.
  • Living with a stranger allows you to get away on weekends or vacations.  When you live with someone, an occasional break can help keep the peace.  With a friend, they are going to be home for vacations and you’ll see them all the time.  That can be a problem if you need a break or there is tension brewing.
  • Having a friend to always be there for you can make you almost too comfortable.  If you live with someone different who you don’t know, it encourages you to step outside the box and meet new people.  It will really help you explore college.

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Every situation is going to have good and bad sides to it, just find the situation that suits you and your personality the most.  Personally, I lived with my best friend the first two years of college and we found a way to make it work and are as close as ever.  There are ups and downs, but it can be done!  Good luck.

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