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Welcome to the “mile high city”, Denver, Colorado, a city that is bursting with fun and adventure. The city started out as a gold miner’s town, but now is the crossroads of the west with interstate highways entering the city from five directions.

Because of its generally sunny weather and many outdoor activities, Denver has a reputation for being a very active, outdoor city. The city features over 200 parks including a 314 acre City Park. Denver also has a large network of public community gardens, in addition to over 14,000 acres of mountain parks owned by the city. In addition, their are several national parks and large ski resorts close by including Keystone Resort and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Denver is also well known for being the cultural center of the Rocky Mountain area and an area for relaxed fun. The city features many venues and activities to enjoy, like the Denver Performing Arts Complex, the world’s largest performing arts center under one roof. Also you will find a great music scene here; the city has many venues to enjoy and is home to several recent top artists including: The Fray, 3OH!3, and The Flobots. In addition, the city has countless number of art galleries, restaurants, bars and clubs. This is one reason why Denver is crowned the best city for singles.

The area is also has a reputation for great restaurants and beer. With the cities laid back attitude is no surprise that the fast causal dinning industry is popular here. What many people don’t know is that several national chains were started in Denver, like: Chipotle Mexican grill, and Quizno’s subs. Also the area is know for making beer, in fact, Denver makes the most beer per capita in the U.S. To celebrate the city hosts the annual Great American Beer Festival, each fall.

If you love a laid back atmosphere with an outrageous number of things to do then you want to learn more about Denver. Also if you’re looking into renting here, that’s a wise choice; thanks the large single population Denver has many apartments for virtually any taste. Search for apartments in Denver.

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