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Your friends and family may think you’re crazy, but sometimes in order to experience life to the fullest, you have to do something completely and totally drastic.Maybe that’s moving from one coast to the other!Moving from any place can be a huge ordeal, let alone moving across the country, but you’ve got to be smart about it so that your trip will be exciting and worthwhile.

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There are so many awesome cities in the US, so be strategic when deciding where you want to move.

Once you’ve made your decision you must research, research, RESEARCH!

Familiarize yourself with the city, including neighborhoods and everything that you enjoy.Examine price ranges for rents and compare areas. It may be a little less expensive to live just outside of the city than downtown – you’ll still be close enough to enjoy the city life.For instance, if you are a gym rat, you want to make sure there are ample gyms in the area.If you love the beach, then you’ll want to research apartments for rent near local beaches.It’s also nice if you meet people from the area, or if you already know folks currently living in that particular city to get a first-hand perspective on local life.

Next: pick a date and pack, pack, pack!

Packing can be a nightmare…but it doesn’t have to be.Plan accordingly.If you decide to drive instead of fly, make sure you pack efficiently – only take what’s absolutely necessary.You can always buy new furniture, cleaning supplies, etc.You want your ride to be as comfortable as possible.Sell anything that won’t fit in your car as you’ll add to your savings with the money earned from downsizing and better position yourself to put down a deposit on an apartment.

Vehicle Maintenance.

No matter how great of condition you THINK your vehicle is in, take it to the mechanic to get it checked out before your big trip. 3000 miles (give or take) is a long way to travel and you don’t want to have to deal with any unexpected hiccups.Prevention is the way to go! Map out your route and plan overnight stops strategically.Decide the exact distance you will travel each day and stick to your goals.There’s nothing worse than veering off track and falling off schedule.

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Finally, have fun!

This will be an experience of a lifetime and you should cherish these memories for just as long.Check out some great apartments for rent in these exciting ‘Left Coast’ cities: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego among others.Don’t forget these great East Coast cities:New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami and more!

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