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So you’ve gone to ForRent.com and searched hundreds of apartments for rent in your area. You’ve narrowed your search based off your criteria and set up appointments at the apartment communities to view their available apartments. Please DON’T GO UNPREPARED!!

These appointments that you set up are important. Each time you visit an apartment community you are in essence visiting a potential landlord. So make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

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Be sure to make a good impression. You need to show up on time, if not a little bit early, for your appointment. If you are late, it could indicate to the Landlord that you are late on other things in your life (i.e. bills). It is also wise for you to look the part. You are trying to convince this person that they should trust you in their apartment community and want to have you as a resident. Try to present yourself in a good and clean manner!

Part of making a good impression is showing interest in the apartment community. So ask questions. You can get the information that you need as well as show the landlord that you are truly interested in living in the community. Be prepared with a list of questions that range from apartment availability, deposit(s), lease terms, etc.

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The above-mentioned steps that are all controllable by you. The following things you may not be able to change before you meet with them: your finances and your pets. If you have financial problems or even an eviction history on your record, it’s important to re-establish your credibility. You need to come prepared with proof that you can pay for rent, such as pay stubs and bank statements or even your history of paying bills on time for other services. While having a blemish on your credit history may deter the landlord, being upfront and honest will show them you take accountability.

If you already have a pet, chances are you have experienced the difficulty of locating a good pet-friendly apartment. For more help, visit ForRent.com to search for pet-friendly apartments in your area. After you found a few that qualify with your criteria, it’s vital to show the landlord that your pet will be well-behaved in the apartment community. I’ve heard of potential residents offering the landlord a chance to meet with his/her dog to observe their behavior. It’s also good to be prepared for any additional questions that may arise, so bring a copy of the animal’s records, showing their shots, health history, etc. This may seem like a lot to do, but you want to assure the landlord that you will be a good resident, that includes your animal.

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The selection process for your perfect apartment can be intense. There are many factors that come into play such as: location, amenities & price. Similar to how critical you can be, the landlord will be as critical to make sure they are placing a good resident into their apartment community. So make sure you’re that apartment resident!

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