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Knoxville, TN


As Tennessee’s third largest city, there is never a dull moment spent here. If you are a person who enjoys artwork, then you should visit the museums and main attractions that are located within the heart of the city. The American Museum of Science and Energy is one of the world’s largest energy exhibitions. It consists of hands-on exhibits, displays, models, films, and live demonstrations. Another attraction that is very popular in this area is the Civil War Sites Tour, which allows you to visit various sites of the Civil War and get a taste of history right in your own backyard! When looking at apartments in some urban areas, they are usually the most pricey when compared to other parts of the city. Knoxville is the exact opposite – the price range of apartments in this city is very affordable. For some, a car is not a necessity when you live in town. Most of the festivities that are popular among residents are within walking distance from the apartments in the city. You can search apartments for Knoxville for your desired price, amenities, and location.


Chattanooga, TN


As the fourth largest city in Tennessee, Chattanooga has numerous attractions to interest you, including many outdoor adventures. The Tennessee Aquarium is one of the top attractions in the city along with its Civil War historical sites that are open for viewing. Residents are also able to take a ride on the many boat tours on the Chattanooga River. When living in this city, fun is a definite requirement. Outside magazine dubbed Chattanooga the “Best Town Ever.” With access to some of the nation’s top venues for rock climbing, road and mountain biking, hiking, whitewater rafting, hang gliding, and more all within a short drive of downtown, the Chattanooga outdoors offer unique opportunities for even the most hardcore outdoor enthusiasts. Looking for something a little bit more laid back? Not a problem! You can take a bike ride or leisurely stroll down the beautiful 13-mile Riverwalk that runs along the Tennessee River, enjoy a picnic in one of the many parks, and so much more. Apartments in the Chattanooga area are a bit pricey, especially within the city limits. As you move farther away from the heart of the city, apartment prices are more affordable. For more information on price, location, and amenities that are offered, search apartments in Chattanooga.

Living in Tennessee can be a great experience, as both of these cities possess a rich, irreplaceable history and enough fun for you and your family. ForRent.com is here to help you find an apartment that best fits you and your family!

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