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If you have been in your space for a while or have moved a few times and are still using college hand-me-downs, it might be time for a revamp. Reasonably high-quality items will have a greater product life, offer better utility and look stylish at the same time.

Start by upgrading these 10 essentials if you are ready to welcome a cohesive space that’s fit for a magazine cover.
Kitchen Upgrades

Upgrades for the Kitchen:

Hodgepodge of Flatware and Dinnerware: If your table settings consist of half a set given to you from an aunt’s camping dishes and a collection amassed from yard sale finds, it might be time to upgrade. Spring for a simple set of dinnerware and flatware you would be happy to show off at a dinner party.
Flatware UpgradesCabinetry Hardware: Most property managers prohibit painting and other significant property upgrades, so you may feel at a loss for how to give your rental a temporary yet modern update. Enter the kitchen cabinet. Replacing outdated hardware with a sleek and modern design could be the facelift your kitchen needs. Just remember to store all previous hardware and label them so you can replace them properly before you move.
Cabinets Upgrade
Cookware: Invest in a full set of high-quality cookware and you might be surprised by how much your cooking will improve. Cheap pots and pans scratch and warp easily, and they do not heat food evenly. If your cooking could use some help, try investing in the right tools for the job. When well-cared for, these items will last a lifetime, so it’s certainly worth the investment.
Cookware Upgrades
Dingy Sponge Mop: If you are using a dingy sponge mop you bought at a discount store, it’s time to reevaluate an unhealthy relationship. Sponges’ porous material might make them ideal for absorbing messes, but they also foster the perfect environment for bacterial growth. While there are ways around this, just kick the mop and bucket, and upgrade to a steam mop. It’s perfect for cleaning up sticky messes and ensures that your floor is shining and completely sanitized.
Bathroom Upgrades

Upgrades for the Bathroom:

Bath Mats: Are you still using the bath mats you bought off the “back-to-school” clearance rack? Upgrade to a stylish absorbent set that doesn’t look destined for a college dorm room. A soft gel or fuzzy shag is relatively inexpensive and will instantly add class and style while providing a cozy spot to rest your toes after your morning shower.

Showerhead: Replacing your current showerhead might require the okay from your property manager, but with approval, a new showerhead can do wonders for your morning routine. A well-performing showerhead can be the upgrade that turns your mundane bathroom into a relaxing haven. As an added bonus, the low-flow varieties will cut down on your water bill.
Bedroom Upgrades

Upgrades for the Bedroom:

Old Pillows: According to experts, you should replace your pillow at least every three years, but depending on cleaning habits and allergies, you may need to replace your pillow as often as every six months. Consider opting for a higher-end memory foam or gel pillow rather than a lumpy and less ergonomic option.
General Living Updates

General Living Space Upgrades:

Plain Mirrors: If all the mirrors in your home are merely functional, why not add some aesthetic appeal and swap out those practical mirrors for an eclectic update? You can make a space feel modern with a funky mirror. If you do not want to toss your old one aside, just find a DIY project you love and turn your utilitarian mirror into a stylish focal point.

Coffee and Side Tables: Swap mismatching or ill-fitting coffee and side tables for a set that represents your style and doesn’t cramp the room. Choose items that will enhance the style and functionality of your room, not detract from it. Coffee tables can also lend themselves to extra storage; find an antique chest or use an oversized ottoman and pair it with a matching set of end tables.

“Vintage” Vacuum: Vacuums can be a hefty investment but are a necessary one, especially if you want your security deposit back. While it might not seem like the most exciting splurge, a highly effective vacuum will reduce allergens that might have been left behind. Additionally, you may discover that your replacement is significantly easier to navigate. Not having to struggle to clean regularly means you won’t be scrambling to deep clean when your lease is up.



Having a rental does not mean you can’t, or shouldn’t, invest in high-quality items. When on a budget, carefully choose which items to replace. You will end up adding sophistication to your space without compromising longevity — ensuring you will have a stylish abode for years to come.

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