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We have been taught since our preschool days that sharing is caring. Of course some of us had a few issues with that (no, you CANNOT share my pizza), but overall, we all got the gist of it.

However, growing up the line might have gotten a bit foggy with what we should and shouldn’t share, especially with our roommates. Here are ten things you should not share with your roommate.


This is extremely obvious, but for those of you who forgot…. Well, you know who you are.


There’s a lot of bacteria on those bad boys that you probably don’t want to share.


Especially if one of you doesn’t wear socks.. Nasty.


I totally get the temptation, but for the sake of your eyes… please, please, don’t.

Bars of soap

It’s gross & you know it.


Maybe this is more of a personal preference, but it’s just a bit more unsanitary than one would like.


I know that Nick Miller made some valid points, but it’s best to keep your towel to yourself.

Headphones (or Earbuds)

Again, there’s bacteria on those suckers that if you’re sharing, then you’re definitely not caring.


Ear gunk is a real thing & it’s best to keep yours to yourself.


B.O. is not something to be shared, and though deodorant fights it, there are still major germs on there.

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