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I know you know those people we’re referring to. The people you ‘have’ to like and ‘need’ to get a gift for. It could be a friend you’ve known through the various social circles you travel, or it could actually be a relative you’re not fond of. Whomever it may be, during the holiday season you are forced to come up with a gift idea suitable for them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could really tell them how you feel? Well how about doing it in a backhanded way through your gift this year?!?!  Take a look…..

1. For the friend who is always in debt and complaining

Christmas Ornament
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about money-a ‘Managing Your Money for Dummies’ book (added bonus would be a piggy bank)!

2. For your smelly friends-a body wash gift basket set. She’ll think you’re just being sweet, but you’ll know the real reason why!

3. For the domestically challenged-a cookbook with a gift card to a restaurant. Just in case the ‘oops’ occasion happens (which we all know will)!

4. For the winer-literally a bottle of wine! Maybe even throw in some cheese. Better yet, a violin ornament. For the heart strings she’s pulling…….

5. For the friend with a POS car-a AAA Membership

6. For the friend who constantly talks about losing weight but can never seem to drop the chocolate-the ‘Weight Watchers Complete Cookbook’. (an accessory could be a scale)

7. For the single friend in your life-a frog statue with a note ‘kiss me, I’ll turn into your prince charming’…..then hopefully she can leave YOU alone!!

8. For the cat lady…..duh! ANYTHING with CATS!!!!! They’ll enjoy it, but you’ll get a kick out of the real reason you purchased it. Soon enough cat trinkets will start out numbering the actual amount of cats she has!!

9. For the friend who is WAY TOO chatty-a timer. Or better yet, if conversations always seem to circle back to her, a boomerang!!

10. For the ‘great listener’ friend-In one ear and out the other earrings. They are found at Uncommongoods.com

11. For the friend with constant drama-a set of Knife earrings. You could say it’s because she loves to cook……(but we all know the truth)! These are also found at Uncommongoods.com

12. And finally, sticking with holiday tradition-a Nutcracker! For the real ‘ball breaker’ in your life!  (nuts sold separately)

Hope this made you smile today, just thinking of the gifts you’d like to purchase for someone!! If you have any more ideas regarding gift giving for frenemies, let us know!! We all have them in our life….

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