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It’s inevitable; you’re going to get a bad gift this holiday. It could be from your loving grandmother who just seems to think you are 10 years younger than you really are and gets you and your cousin matching tea sets (don’t ask….). Or it could be someone who tried really hard to find something you might like, but just overshot. Regardless, you are going to experience some uneasiness when opening a bad gift. Therefore, we are providing you with a few ways to say ‘thanks’ and of course their actual translation in your mind!

1. ‘Oh, thanks. How unique’
Translation: ‘Wow, really?’

2. ‘Wherever did you find this?’
Translation: ‘So I know where to return it…’

3. ‘I know just where to put this’
Translation: ‘In the attic where no one will find it…’

4. ‘Oh, how sweet! What size is this?’
Translation: ‘Hopefully I’m a different size and have to exchange it for something else!’

5. ‘Nice pattern…’
Translation: ‘Am I trying to stop traffic?’

6. ‘That’s so funny; I saw these everywhere in stores!’
Translation: ‘Which is probably why they’re still there and I didn’t purchase myself one’

7. ‘How creative! Did you make this yourself?’
Translation: ‘Crap, a thoughtful gift. Going to have to break it out when he/she comes over’

8. ‘Thank you so much. You’re too thoughtful!’
Translation: ‘Now I have another thing to do on the day after Christmas’

9. ‘This is perfect for…. (name a situation in which you’d use the item)’
Translation: ‘Goodness, what on earth am I going to do with this?!!’

10. ‘That’s so sweet, but unfortunately I’m allergic.’
Translation: ‘Please have the receipt so I can return this thing and if not, I’m allergic so you can’t be upset if it’s not used!’

11. ‘Yah know, I think I have this very same thing at my house!’
Translation: ‘Offer up the gift receipt so I can return this thing.’

12. ‘This is something I don’t have…’
Translation: ‘For good reason….’

Well, hopefully these tips have given you an idea of what to say this Christmas when opening up bad gifts. Please also remember that receiving gifts and the thought behind those gifts is what matters most. So be grateful to those who have thought of you this holiday season!

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