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It can be a real challenge to keep your tiny bathroom clean and organized — especially if you’ve got a lot of stuff and no place to store it. Having a nice, roomy vanity with some cupboards, drawers and lots of counter space can sure help, but when you’re stuck with just a pedestal sink, you really have to get a little creative if you want something that’s both functional and free of clutter.

Here are at least three easy (and affordable!) ways to keep all your stuff organized and accessible around your pedestal sink.

1. Use a three-drawer plastic organizer for all your little things.

You never realize how much you miss having a vanity when you move to a place that has a bathroom without one. In this case, getting something with drawers that’s small enough to fit beside your pedestal sink is essential.

I really love these three-drawer plastic organizers you can get from almost any store that sells household items. They may not look very fancy, but they’re really a lifesaver in this type of situation, and you can get them in all sorts of different sizes and colors too.

I keep everything from hairbrushes and toothpaste to makeup and bottles of cosmetic products in my drawer organizer. It also offers just enough surface space for a tissue box, which you definitely won’t get from your pedestal sink alone!

2. Use wicker baskets to store towels and/or toilet paper rolls.

Wicker baskets are perfect for those larger items you need to keep in your bathroom. You’d be surprised how chic you can make your toilet paper and towels look when they’re neatly bundled in a basket as opposed to stacked up in a corner or against a wall.

Like the drawer organizer, you can get wicker baskets in all sorts of sizes and colors to match your bathroom. They look great when simply placed on the floor, but if you have room for a chair or any shelves, you can place your baskets on those too.

3. Use a decorative jar to keep your daily essentials.

Drawer organizers and baskets are really a must when you have a pedestal sink, but for some of those other things you use almost every day, you may not feel like digging around through your drawers or medicine cabinet every time you want to use them. A decorative jar or container you can place on the floor or really anywhere near the sink is a great option for these types of daily essentials.

I use cotton balls and eye makeup remover pads almost every day, so keeping them right beside the sink in a ceramic jar is pretty convenient. You could also use one to keep hair ties, feminine products, facial wipes or anything else you use often but don’t want to store out in the open.

Striking the right balance between aesthetics and functionality is tricky when it comes to working with a pedestal sink and its lack of storage, but it’s certainly doable. The best part about all three of these items is that you can pick them all up inexpensively from almost anywhere, in any style you want.

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