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One of my favorite purchases in the last few years has been an old window. It’s beat up and the paint is chipping off, but I am in LOVE with it. Why? Because it is the perfect backdrop for decorating. You can find old windows at numerous, places but I think the best place to find them are at flea markets or vintage thrift stores. If you happen to know someone who is remodeling their old home or apartment and replacing the windows, ask if you can have them. I’m going to show you three ways that you can incorporate old windows into your home decor.


One of my favorite places to incorporate my old window is in my mantel decorations. We have very high ceilings in our living room. By placing the window on the mantel, it adds height and interest to my summer mantel decor. I use a window in almost all of my seasonal mantel decorations.

Mantel Decor - ForRent.com
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Another way that you can decorate with old windows is by using them as a photo collage. An 8×10 photo fits perfectly onto each frame of glass in the window that I have. For bigger windows, you may be able to fit an 11×17. This is a unique way to display photos in something other than an ordinary picture frame. Get those Instagram photos off of your phone and display some of them on each window pane. You can easily change the photos and don’t even have to remove the window from the wall. You can hang the window or prop it up on a shelf or table.

Photo Collage - ForRent.com
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I love to throw parties and one of my favorite parts of throwing a party is decorating. I’m always looking for new and interesting items to use in my party decor. Here, I have used a window as a display for an art-themed party. You can hang garlands from the window like I did, or you can place different colored paper behind each window pane to coordinate with the party theme. The possibilities are endless.

Party Decorations - ForRent.com
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These are just a few of the many uses for old windows. Do you have any unique ways to incorporate windows into your design? Let ForRent.com know in the comments below. You can find more of my home decor projects at Here Comes the Sun.


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  1. Christina @ Christina, Plain and Simple says:
    I love that you’ve used the window in different ways. It really keeps the decor fresh and it looks like you are definitely getting your money’s worth!
  2. Such great ideas! I love the mantel background!

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