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ForRent.com® was very blessed to have the chance to pay it forward last month (November 2017) with the second annual #30DaysofGifting campaign. This was an opportunity for people in the community to post an Amazon wish list on behalf of a child with toys or anything else that the children might need or want. ForRent.com® randomly selected three wish lists per day where some littles ones received gifts from their lists, totaling over ninety wish lists!

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Congrats to the following recipients of the randomly selected wish lists:

Ashley Burlage Carrie Maly Araceli Quijada
Nicole Simmons Alexandra Vindiola Shawnna Kellam
Bubba Clark Kathleen Ophelan Peter Reese
Jennifer L Rose Cassie Huber Malik Halirou
Amanda Wright Rachel Freer B M Armstrong
Shel Glapion Susan Raynflower Kaitlin Rose
Nicole Obryan Estefany Alaniz Misty Davis
Notgonnagetit Pina Kyndal Smith Crystal Smith
Jen Deaton Monica Powell Brandi Summers
Tom Sides Alex Riley Michell Diana
Amber Marie Stephanie Carey LE Alexis Yoakum
Tiffany Clardy Makayla Cassell Felisha Moore
Rachel Burke Princess Scott Jones Megan McKenna
Angela McKinney Amanda Beaupre Britney Chang
Shanda Dickey-Clark Tracy Parral Charmain Gomber
Landry Shelly Vincent Failla LaNeica Adams
Keri Justice Anne Tilson Briana Pooley
Cat Baldwin Katie Holloway Tori Betsill
Kimberly Howard Dee Mautz Jessica Brady
Lisa Loo Gretchen Reichenberg Lucas Jonathan Andrew Duncan
Suzanne Canfield Mary Hazeleyes Gardner Tara Lennox
Jason Yoakum Angela Hendricks Lavena Marion
Suheil Andujar Jordan Hatton Heather Savka
Ronda Lang Lily Carter Shay Ellzey
Melissa Moreau D Heath Copeland Daisy Suze
Shannon A Haynes Neil Gainey Julie Woodward
Sarah Lay Vakeesa Taylor Melissa Rodríguez Alvarado
Jenny Quimby Rachael Mattice Dawn Abercrombie
Minhhiep Nguyen Ford Gwendolyn Rachael O’Donnell
Anthony Orcutt Annette Enterline
Chris Conanan Kendra Dean
Kiera Yaniga Samantha Messler

The holiday season is about giving back to your loved ones and to our community. ForRent.com® is so honored to have been able to spread a little extra cheer again this holiday season. Happy holidays to all of you from ForRent.com®!



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