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Adulthood is creeping up on you. The rain cloud of bills, scheduling your own doctor’s appointments, and learning to feed yourself is hovering over you.

You’re excited and scared at the same time. Before you’re officially an adult (yikes), there are a few things you and your friends should do to let loose.


Get a few of your closest friends and take a trip somewhere. Scream all your favorite songs as loud as you can and eat as much as you can. This is crucial.

Go out downtown

Believe me, once you start doing all those “adult” things, going out is going to become less and less appealing. Take time with your friends and get out there!

Float Trip

Get a big group of friends and grab your favorite drinks and head to the river. Relax and get some sun.

Go Trick-or-Treating

Hear me out. Young college kids can still get away with doing this. You are never going to get to experience the act of doing this once you’re an actual adult. Free candy and embracing your youth? Can’t go wrong.

Go to an Amusement park

These places lose their excitement the older you get so before you find yourself getting excited for going to the grocery store, get some friends and get pumped for some rides.

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