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You know how they say some things are better left unsaid? Let’s try, “some things are better left unseen.” I totally get coming home after a long day at work and kicking off your dirty sneakers right as you walk in the door. However, maybe don’t leave them there. As much as everyone (literally no one) loves walking into someone’s apartment and seeing, and probably smelling, old shoes, it’s actually terrible. Here are five things your guest shouldn’t see see in your apartment.

*See above*
I get it, but hide them under your bed or in the closet, for the sake of everyone.

Your ~delicates~ & dirty laundry
Yes, your new bra from Victoria’s Secret is totes adorbs, but hanging on the door handle? Keep it a secret, Victoria.

Dirty dishes
No one wants to see your mountain of dishes, or the fact that you’ve had Spaghettios four times this week.

Speaking of food, last night’s dinner still on the table is not a sight for sore eyes

Kitty Litter
To clarify, they can see it. However, not in your bedroom because first of all, your room is going to smell raunchy. Second of all, no one ever thinks to themselves, “Wow, I love seeing a dirty litter box!! Let’s hang out your place more often, for sure.”

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