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God bless mothers, am I right? Regardless of if they’re calling you every hour to check in on you or tagging you in ~way too many~ Facebook posts, you just can’t help but love them. They’re typically your go-to when you go through another inevitable heartbreak, when you’re sick and claim you’re dying, when you got that job you were hoping for, etc.

However, now that you’ve entered the world of “adulting”, there are some things you can’t go to your mom for. Yikes.

Doctor’s Appointments (Or Any Appointments)

That horrifying moment when you’re the one who has to actually schedule your doctor appointments.

Grocery Shopping/Cooking

It’s all fun and games until you’re alone in your apartment trying to figure out the difference between baking something and broiling something. Can I phone a friend?


Don’t even act like you didn’t try and con your laundry off on your mom. But not no more, my friends.

Pay Your Bills

I mean, I wouldn’t be against this one. No bills, no problems. Mom, where you at?

She can’t get you out of things like she used to

You can no longer use the excuse, “Sorry, my mom said no. :/” anymore. You actually have to find a believable reason now.

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