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As most of us renters know, while closet space is a nice amenity to have, it isn’t usually one of our top choices for narrowing down apartments. Therefore, we are usually stuck with whatever closet space we are given in the apartment we choose. And while a closet the size of Harry Potters Room under the stairs isn’t desirable, it’s manageable. So we’re here to provide you with a few tips on how to turn that hole in the wall of a closet, into a functional space for your wardrobe and accessories.

Tip 1: Do some ‘Spring cleaning’
The easiest way to get more room in your closet is to go through the items in there. Get rid of anything you don’t wear, haven’t seen or haven’t worn for more than a year.

Tip 2: Use all available space
If the closet you have only has one rod across the top, consider putting in a tension rod so that you can have double the space. Put the longer items on top (likes dresses and pants) and the shorter items on the bottom (like jackets, skirts and shirts). This is what I have done in my closet and it really opens the space!

Tip 3: Find Space Saver Ideas
The hanging shelf closet organizers can be used for various items. You can put sweaters, t-shirts, jeans or whatever in there. The space it takes to hang up the organizer will be more than doubled with the amount of garments you can put in there.

Tip 4: Use the back of the door
I think people underestimate the amount of room it’ll save them if they put a shoe rack or an over the door rack to hang accessories.  Instead of putting your shoes on shelves, free up those shelves with a shoe rack on the back of the door. If nothing else, you can always put a full length mirror on the back of the door so you can check yourself before you leave. That’ll save room somewhere else in your apartment.

Tip 5: Stash seasonal items
There are quite a few storage bins available in stores. You can get rolling bins for under your bed to hide non-season items. For example if you are in the summer months, there is no reason for you to have your bulky sweaters and jackets in your closet. They just take up space. Put them in a container under your bed and get them out when the weather calls for it.

So there it is, five tips to help you organize the closet in your apartment into something that is practical for your lifestyle. You will truly be surprised by the ‘magical’ transformation!

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  1. Hi,

    Well explanation about the closets. Definitely I too follow the given guidelines for finding the space in my closets. Thanks for sharing.

    – Nancy.

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