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Whether it’s your first place or one hundredth, moving into a new place can be very exciting. There is just something wonderful about having your own space, even if someone else owns it. Sometimes though, it can be a struggle to feel at home in a new apartment. Whether you’re in a city far away from home or the property manager won’t let you repaint to a color more your style, living in a space that doesn’t feel like you can be depressing and frustrating. If you’re living in a rental that doesn’t feel like home, try these 5 easy fixes to start loving the space you’re in!

Choose the Right Rental For You

When you are searching for a rental, take into account its architectural or design aesthetic. Although many rentals are blank canvases, some have very distinct styles (e.g., modern, country, industrial, rustic, etc) that may conflict with your personal preferences, as well as items you already own. Even with the best decor, it can be very difficult to feel comfortable in a space that inherently does not match your style, so try to find one that is truly neutral or already has a vibe you love.

Remove Anything That Isn’t Yours

Sometimes, property managers will leave items behind in their rental. While they are most usually things they see as helpful or useful to their tenant (e.g., curtain rods, blinds, temporary shelving, cans of extra paint, etc), sometimes they can serve as constant reminders that you’re living in someone else’s place. Don’t hesitate to take down or remove these items in order to eliminate that visual reminder. Although they may seem like small details, replacing shelves, hooks, curtain rods and other items with your own can go a long way in making the place feel more like yours. Before you do so however, make sure you get permission, can easily put items back before you move out, and have a safe place to store everything for the duration of your tenancy.

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Determine Your Own Layout

When you move into a new rental, it can be very tempting to use the various rooms and layout your furniture exactly as the previous tenants or the model unit did. While there may be an obvious use for a room (i.e., master bedroom) or place for the couch to go, take a pause and figure out how you want to use and layout the space. Consider what functions you need in the unit (e.g., playroom, office, craft space, workout room), as well as the size and shape of everything you own. For example, switching the dining room and living room or office and bedroom may not only allow you to fully utilize the space you have, but will also help you put your own stamp on a space that isn’t yours.


Rentals are inherently temporary spaces, so at some point you will likely move again. Since decorating can be very space specific, you might consider it a waste of time and resources to buy decor items for your rental. However, spending some money and energy on bringing your own personal style into your temporary home will help you feel more comfortable in it. Items such as curtains, rugs, throw pillows, and wall decor are budget-friendly, easily movable, and can quickly liven up an empty space.

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Bring Things From Home

If you are living in a rental that is already furnished or even for just a short period of time, you may leave a lot of your personal belongings behind. However, adding just a few items from home can instantly help make a space more personal. Consider bringing small, easy-to-pack items like photographs, bedding, books, and/or special mugs or dishes to infuse your rental with memories and touches of home.

There are lots of wonderful perks about rental living; but sometimes living in someone else’s place can be uncomfortable. Resist the urge to simply exist in a blank and impersonal space, and instead use these tips to infuse more of your personality and preferences into it. By removing a few things that aren’t yours and adding a few things that are, you’ll be well on your way to feeling more at home.

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  1. I will actually be moving during this week!  I found that visiting the empty  space a million times first, gives you a more confident feel and time to plan your move.  Also, you will get a better feel for lay-out, color, and design to pick up items along the way – no matter how trivial.

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