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Growing up we’ve all been told to make sure we eat our breakfast as it’s the most important meal of the day. While most of us would agree to that, what happens in instances where we face the need to get a fast food breakfast? I mean fast food is bad, yes, but it’s only breakfast; exactly how bad can it be?


Actually even though you may be thinking you’re doing the right thing by grabbing a bite to eat in the morning, you’re actually better off not eating at all with the calories that pack a pretty punch in these 6 must avoid fast food breakfasts.


1. Starbucks’ Zucchini-Walnut Muffin. This little guy may seem harmless, it has nuts and zucchini which can only mean it’s healthy; wrong! It’s loaded with 500 calories and 28 grams of fat. Not to mention they’re empty calories so you won’t stay full very long.


2. Sonic’s sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit. While I’ve had their regular burger toasters I can understand why this makes it into the top 6. The bread itself is loaded with butter which means calories. This sandwich has about 620 calories to it and 1400 mg of sodium!


3. McDonalds’ Big Breakfast with H

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otcakes. Anything with the title of big in it might be something you want to avoid eating. This breakfast comes with just about everything plus more inches to your waste line. With over half of your daily calories, 55 grams of fat and 2150 mg. of sodium you may want to rethink this breakfast option.



4. Cinnabon’s Regular Caramel Pecanabon. The word caramel should be a hint right there that it probably isn’t your number one healthy choice for breakfast. Though I will admit the smell from walking past Cinnabon at the mall makes me weak at the knees and as delicious as it may be, you’re better off eating a few chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. This bun in particular has 1100 calories and the same amount of fat as 9 chocolate chip cookies.


5. Hardees’ Double Loaded Omelet Biscuit. I’ve seen the picture of this bad boy and yeah it definitely looks delicious, but I had the feeling that with the words “double” and “loaded” it was most likely a bad candidate for breakfast. It has 800 calories and 58 grams of fat. Wow!


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6. Lastly we come to Dunkin Donuts’ Chocolate Coconut Cake Donut. Who doesn’t enjoy some cake for breakfast? I know I sure don’t, and the truth is you’re better off having a homemade slice of cake for breakfast instead of this donut. A donut with a name like this should probably be save for an after dinner dessert. It has over a quarter of your daily calories and as much sugar as a whole chocolate bar.


Info provided by Fitbie

Pictures courtesy of Don’t Lose Your Lunch,  Jefflen , and Wootang01

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  1. Pittsburgh says:
    It’s not good to eat “loaded” food for breakfast, but it does not mean that you cannot eat these at all, I think. Maybe, for example, you share a Big Breakfast with a loved one or a co-employee or whoever, you can still enjoy its taste. As always, the quantity that you eat is a big factor.
    • I love that idea of sharing breakfast! There is nothing better than satisfying a craving… and this way you don’t have to eat it all! 🙂

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