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Does your living room need a makeover? Create an epic space using these 6 of the following makeover tips and transform your room from everyday ordinary into something new. Small and simple changes can make a big impact. Which changes will you incorporate into your home?

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1. Change out the couch accessories – Selecting the right sofa pillows or armchair throw can give your apartment living space a stylish appearance.
2. Add color on the walls, furniture, and accessories – If you can’t paint the walls, give your furniture and accessories a fresh coat of paint to bring back life and give them a brand new look. Try a few temporary renter-friendly decorations for yourself!
3. Add a rug– Consider adding a rug with a geometric pattern, bold colors, or texture to add more depth your living room.
4. Swap out your lamp or lamp shades – There are many modern lamp designs. A stylish lamp can be both functional and serve as an accent piece as well. To save money, consider decorating your lamp shade or swapping it out for a new one. Impress your guests with this DIY statement light fixture.
5. Change the window treatments – Go for light shades or remove curtains completely. This will brighten and create the illusion of a bigger space. Natural light is a luxury!
6. Rearrange furniture – Rather than buying new furniture, rearrange the setup to look different without spending the cash.
Working with what you have can yield great results. Consider giving these 6 tips a chance. Love these ideas? Find more renter-friendly decorating ideas in Apartment Living.

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  1. Slobodan says:
    Great tips. The one with adding the rug is nice.

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