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Summer is here and everyone is antsy to get out of work and do something fun! But oh, what did you say…can’t go out because it costs an arm & a leg? That’s why we’ve assembled a list of relatively inexpensive activities for the summertime!

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Roller Blading-whether you have your own skates or not, this is an activity that can be less than $10!

Local Sports Game-it could be high school, college or even a minor league game. Tickets for the Norfolk Tides, the AAA baseball team, are about $8.00 per person! Just eat dinner beforehand and you’re good to go!

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Local Bookstore-you could sit in on free readings for various story titles. Barnes and Nobles have events almost every day in the Hampton Roads area, including a group dedicated to helping you overcome writer’s block!

Visit a Museum-how better to spend a hot summer afternoon than in an air-conditioned museum. Not all museums are boring either! The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk only costs $7.00 per adult.  You could definitely spend hours staring at beautiful pieces of artwork.

Festivals-the amount of carnivals, country fairs or festivals always increase during the summer. My favorite to attend in Norfolk is the Bayou Boogaloo & Cajun Food Festival at Town Point Park. For just $10.00 per person, you can see live entertainment; walk through the amazing New Orleans Art Gallery and more! For just a few bucks more, you can sample some of the mouthwatering Cajun-spiced crawfish, jambalaya, gumbo, and alligator.

Take a Tour-whether it’s of an area you’re not that familiar with or perhaps a historical tour of the city you live in. Williamsburg and Jamestown, Virginia have great tours to really experience the true history our state offers.

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Wine Tastings-local winery shops, such as Total Wine in Downtown Norfolk, have free wine tastings in their stores weekly. You would certainly become a connoisseur in no time!

Including some of these activities into your summer plans will ensure you have a slam packed adventurous season! More inexpensive and creative ideas for saving money are in our Nesting in These Economic Times blog.

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  1. Sue | Air Conditioning says:
    These are really great idea’s so keeping ones self busy in the summer months but Ill have to say that the wine tasting will go down well in winter too and I look forward to trying out some great new red wines

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