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There’s no denying that everyone needs more storage space. Today there are more self-storage units in America than there are McDonald’s locations, and the storage industry earns more than $24 billion in revenue each year. If you don’t want to pay more rent just to house your stuff, it can be difficult to find extra storage in apartments where space is already at a premium.

You may ignore the space behind your door, but it is the perfect place for more storage; though it’s shallow, it provides plenty of room to store your belongings. Vertical storage is visually appealing and provides you with a great opportunity to double your usable space. Be space-savvy and follow these seven solutions to put your door to better use.

1. Shelf Racks
Shelf racks are easy to install and add loads of storage to a small space. You can choose between models that simply slide over a door with little installation and others that are secured by a shelf bar drilled to the door. With either model, your shelf can include expandable baskets that adjust to the size you need. These durable units can be used in many ways to store anything from bathroom items to kitchen essentials.

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2. Towel and Parallel Bars
A few inexpensive towel bars present an excellent storage option for more than just towels. You can actually see your display of ties, scarves and purses when you hang them horizontally. A row of silky scarves or brightly colored ties makes a beautiful arrangement, so you don’t need to try to hide your towel bar storage racks behind a rarely seen door in your apartment. And if you want to take your bars to the next level, parallel bars — like the appropriately named Clutterbuster — are a great way to hang up your towels and air-dry clothing. These bars are discreet and hold more than standard towel bars. Each bar swivels independently to maximize space. Installation is easy, as it pops right into your door hinges.

3. Tote Bags
With a few strong hooks, you can easily hang a set of decorative tote bags from the back of a door for extra storage. Unlike a basket or shelf, a tote bag will hide your belongings for a cleaner, more organized aesthetic. It’s practical, affordable and chic.

4. Command Hooks
Command hooks are a powerful and simple way to store your belongings. They are inexpensive, easy to install and won’t damage your door. This is especially important if your property manager charges for holes or chipped paint. Command hooks come in a variety of styles and weight capacities, and they let you hang pretty much anything.

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5. Shoe Organizers
Shoe organizers are a popular way to organize everything from cleaning supplies to herbs. These organizers come in clear plastic options so you can see all your items or canvas options that hide your belongings. For smaller spaces, hang two shoe organizers on your door — one on the front and another on the back.

6. DIY Spice Racks
If you have a knack for DIY woodworking — or know someone who does — you can attach spice racks to your door. Cooks will love the amount of counter space this spice rack frees up, but these work beyond the kitchen, too. Your DIY rack can store toiletries in the bathroom, socks in the bedroom or books in the living room.

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7. Office Supplies
Using basic office supplies — pegboards, magnetic strips and corkboards — you can transform the back of a door into craft storage, a gift wrapping station or an office supply closet. Consider adding a whiteboard for your to-do list and hanging a calendar as well.

Whether you’re in a home or an apartment, you have to be smart about your valuable space. Maximize the six inches of unused space behind your doors with these stylish storage solutions.


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