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Have you ever visited someone at their apartment and been able to tell they were pet owners before you even saw the animal? Pets are such a wonderful addition to our lives, but pet odor is not.

There are a few steps you can take to keep your rental smelling fresh and clean, even if you share it with some adorable, stinky pets.

So Fresh

Open Windows:
Whenever possible allow fresh air to circulate in your home. Open your windows or doors to let the stale air out and fresh breezes in.

Clear the Air:
If you are not able to open windows in your apartment, due to weather or other issues, you can still clean the air in your home. Purchase a small air purifier to remove smells and other particles from the air to leave your home smelling fresher.

So Clean

Clean Home:
Obviously the best method for keeping your smelling fresh is to stay on top of cleaning. In addition to your regular cleaning routine, be sure to clean up any pet messes as soon as they happen.

Clean Pet:
While it is important to keep your home clean, it is similarly important to keep your animal clean. Keep your pet bathed and brushed to reduce animal smells.

Clean Pet Accessories:
Finally, regularly wash your pet’s bedding and toys. Soft stuffed toys and beds can harbor pet smells for a long time.

Now Keep It That Way

A Well-Groomed Pet:
In addition to regular baths, consider taking your pet in for a professional grooming a few times a year. Have the groomer deal with fur that needs to be trimmed, teeth that need to be brushed, and any other issues that may add to pet smell.

Washable Furniture:
Take steps to make your home more washable. Duvet covers are easier to launder than quilts, and slipcovers can be removed to wash as well.

Wipe Those Paws:
Do you remove your shoes when you enter your home? Make sure your pet’s paws are cleaned when they come in from outside. Keep a container of pet-friendly cleaning wipes near the front door to clean dirt and grime from their paws.

You can share your life and your home with an animal friend without sharing their pet smell with everyone who visits your home. As well, these helpful tips on moving with your furry pals will keep you organized and sane in the midst of chaos.

Do you have any other tips for keeping pet smell from taking over your apartment? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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