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Everyone could use a little more closet space, right? And what better way to attain more space than repurposing items from around your home? Try one or all of these life hacks to help maximize every inch of your closet space!

Life Hacks to maximize Your Closet

#1 Hang your boots with pant hangers.

Boot Hangers using Pant Hangers Life Hack

Brown Eyed Belle

#2 Create an accessory organizer inside your closet by using cutlery trays, shadow boxes, pegboard, wire mesh, or customize your own by using rails, wire baskets, and hooks.

Cutlery Tray Jewelry Organizer

Mini Manor Blog

#3 Combine hangers with S-shaped hooks, soda can tabs, or chains to hang multiple pieces of clothing. Perfect for those of us with limited closet space!

Soda Tab Tee Shirt Hanger Life Hack

Design By Humans

#4 Use tension rods to create your own shoe organizer in your closet or in small unused spaces. Ideal for shoe lovers everywhere!

Shoe Organizer Using Tension Rods

A Loyal Love

#5 Store anything and everything in hanging shoe organizers, such as bathroom accessories, gift wrapping supplies and more!

Over the door hanging shoe organizer



#6 Use shower rings on a hanger to organize scarves or ties in your closet.

Use shower rings and a hanger to create a scarf organizer

#7 Create your own clothing dust covers by cutting a hole in the center of a cloth napkin and inserting the hanger.

Dust cover life hack made of cloth napkins

Martha Stewart

#8 Use dried hot glue or wrap a pipe cleaner or a few rubber bands on the sides of your hangers to keep your shirts and tank tops from slipping off.

non slip hanger life hacks

One Good Thing By Jillee

#9 Use a clothes hanger to organize your glasses and sunglasses.

Glasses on a clothing hanger

Apartment Therapy

For more inspiration on how to maximize the space in your apartment, browse the Apartment Living blog to discover hundreds of helpful ideas!

Which of these closet life hacks was your favorite? Share in the comments below.


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