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With Amazon, you can now add more than just products to your shopping cart. You can purchase home service appointments that are fulfilled by local professionals.

Whether you’re just starting out in your first apartment or you’ve been renting for awhile, Amazon is providing you with a platform where you can get help on everything from assembling that Ikea cabinet to setting up your home wireless network to tailoring those pants that are just a little too long.

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What Types of Amazon Home Services Are Available?

Amazon Home Services are available for projects in any room of your apartment.

To start, Amazon offers a whole house cleaning service and an option for a deep clean before you move in or move out of your apartment.

For living room tasks, Amazon professionals can help with things like TV wall mounting, handyman tasks, furniture moving, or box packing. It’s almost like Amazon was listening when your friend said they weren’t free over the weekend to help you rearrange your apartment furniture.

In the kitchen, Amazon Home Services include options like bar stool assembly, farmers market food delivery, and knife sharpening. A little help from the Amazon pros can go a long way to your adulting goals of using the kitchen for more than a bowl of cereal.

For bathroom tasks, apartment renters can benefit from help with modifications like a shower head replacement, maintenance like a plumbing tune-up, or the dreaded chore of dog washing. Even minor modifications can have a big difference in how much you enjoy your apartment. For example, the bathroom hack of upgrading your showerhead will make taking a shower feel like a trip to the spa.

In the bedroom, Amazon professionals can help with tasks such as closet organization, furniture assembly, and clothes tailoring. We know that in some apartments, closet space can be prime real estate, so it can be helpful to call in a pro to make sure that you’re efficiently organizing your closet.

As to technology and home office tasks, Amazon Home Services can help you with things like iPhone screen repair, smart home setup, and wireless network setup. Especially if you’re technologically-challenged, apartment living can be so much better when you can get on-demand tech support for tasks like securing your apartment’s Wi-Fi.

And for help in the garage or on the patio, you can order Amazon services like car repairs, lawn mowing, or hammock setup. After getting patio help with the big outdoor pieces like seating and a hammock, all you’ll have to do is add some festive outdoor decor.

How Amazon Home Services Works

1. Amazon contracts with local professionals who are screened, licensed, background checked, and insured.

2. Users can search Amazon.com for services and confirm local availability.

3. Each service provides details and options. For example, you can specify the location for the appointment (home, office, cafe). You can determine the appointment scheduling options. And you can also arrange hardware details, such as whether the pro should bring TV mounting brackets.

4. All prices are upfront and paid through Amazon.

5. Additionally, all services are covered by Amazon’s Happiness Guarantee.

The Growth of Amazon Home Services

Amazon has been quietly edging into the home services market.

Initially, Amazon Home Services was beta tested as “Amazon Local Services” in major cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York.

Then in 2015, it was available in 41 states and 30 of the biggest metropolitan areas. Within the first year, the company reported that customer orders had increased an average of 20% per month. The company also reported that the top-selling service was TV Wall Mounting, and the Home Services marketplace had the highest sales in New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington DC.

By November 2016, they expanded to include 50 metro areas in the U.S. That year there were 1,200 different services provided, and the number of professionals offering services increased had by 1,500% since they launched.

As of January 2017, Amazon reported that Home Services orders grew more than 200%. Now, they’ve expanded coverage to include all 50 states and many smaller cities and regions.

While there are not yet any hard numbers or financials released on how successful their Home Services program is, there is certainly the potential for Amazon to make big money by streamlining contracted services into a single platform of vetted professionals.

Google also thinks that local services can be profitable business, and they have been positioning themselves in this industry since 2014 when the company led a $100-million investment in a home service company, Thumbtack.

It’s estimated that the overall market for home services is between $250 billion to $400 billion. With Amazon taking a cut of 5% to 19% of services purchased through their marketplace, there is certainly a profit to be made by connecting consumers with the professionals who can help around the house.

Search for services local to your apartment at www.amazon.com/services

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