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Amplified Apartments: Home Edition: The Airy and Adventurous Office Space

Welcome to Amplified Apartments: Home Edition, a special edition of ForRent’s Amplified Apartments series, featuring amateur interior designers whose winning decor hacks will save you space whether you’re on the first or fifteenth floor.

Emily Sweeten’s eye for warm, flowing interiors is hard to miss. Just look at her blog, The Wicker House. With a quick glance, you’ll find proof of what her DIY talents have spawned. The mother of two has channeled her tastes into creating a space her family can thrive in, in her native Emmett, Idaho.

The most obvious example lies in her home office. With hazy greens, warm oranges, and just the right amount of neutrals, Emily was able to maintain the flow the room offered with its wide open windows and generous sunlight. After picking a simple theme – travel – the blogger fashioned a room dedicated to her family adventures. Photos cover the walls, while souvenirs dot the shelves lined with maps, to lovely effect.

The blogger, mother, and crafty interior designer explains her methodology and her preferences when decorating the home and shopping for it, below.

If you could describe your design concept using 5 words what would they be?

Laid-back, lived-in, coastal, fresh, and relaxing.

Did you have to make any compromises when designing your space?

Originally we wanted the desk to face the windows, but looking at the backside of the computer and all of the cords when you walked in would ruin the pretty picture we were going for. Needless to say, we left the desk facing the wall.

Amplified Apartments: Home Edition: The Airy and Adventurous Office Space

With just a few pieces you’ve managed to create a warm, relaxed space with many purposes. What’s your process for creating a cohesively-designed room?

To get a singular look in the room, I stuck to a color scheme of mostly white and then brought in pops of blues, greens, yellow, and orange—colors I pulled from the maps that on the backs of the bookcases.

Décor should tell one visual story.(Tweet This)

Are the trinkets sitting in the cabinet original pieces from your travels, or just well-picked purchases?

I wanted this room to showcase our family vacations.  Above the desk we have collaged framed pictures of our most treasured vacations.  On the shelves, you’ll find bottles and shells from some of those trips alongside everyday items. My favorite touch is the maps lining the backs of the bookcases—they show the places we’ve had adventures in as a family.

Amplified Apartments: Home Edition: The Airy and Adventurous Office Space

You pair pastels, white, and wood to create a fresh, fun room that’s airy and imaginative – perfect for inspiring work at home or lounging comfortably. How did you settle on this aesthetic? It fits all these purposes so well.

This is my favorite room in our home, mainly because of all of the windows and all of the sunlight they let in. The room itself is very inviting. I didn’t want to take away from that, so I stuck to pastels and white to keep the room as airy and fresh as possible. I kept the room grounded and warm with the wooden furniture.

Amplified Apartments: Home Edition: The Airy and Adventurous Office Space

The calendar of painted animals is a lovely touch, where did you find it?

The animal calendar above the children’s desk was a gift from a friend.  It’s actually from last year, but I like the pictures so much that I decided to leave it up. Art is art.

In a small space, how do you toe the line between clutter and decor?

Even though this is a small space, it actually has lots of storage, i.e. the desk, the cabinets below the shelves and the closet.  That’s where I store away the clutter.

Leave room for accents on the shelves. They’re a great space to add personality.(Tweet This)

Amplified Apartments: Home Edition: The Airy and Adventurous Office Space

What are your go-to stores for home furnishings and decor?

I find most of my home décor at the Goodwill and yard sales, but some of my favorite stores are Target, Homegoods, IKEA, and Pottery Barn.

What’s your number one tip for solving the small space problem?

My number one tip for solving the small space problem is super simple. Get rid of anything you don’t love or need.

Want more design insight from the bright blogger, read more on her blog, here.

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