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Ah, the Blog world, here we are! Why is an apartment listing service even launching a Blog site you ask? Well, For Rent Media Solutions is a progressive company, we have always been. And, we want to be where the progressive people are.

At first our company was a bit hesitant of the whole Blog movement. With the viral media being what it is today, Blogs reflect much of the skepticism televisions and the internet did in their initial days. Many thought that they were a blip, a fad and something that would go away. Can you imagine going one day without a television or using the internet? I work in a virtually paperless office so believe you me, not using the internet would be like being back in the Stone Age. Blogs, if they have not already, are changing the face of the internet and the way that we use it. Social Media Blogs are registering over 16 million visitors each month.1 SIXTEEN MILLION!! That is more than twice the population of New York City and is 640 times the population of the small town that I grew up in. (Nebraska…don’t ask) That number alone is enough to nudge the staunchest critic.

So, what is an apartment listing Blog site going to even say to warrant your attention? Well, how about this…we want you to decide what part of apartment living is discussed. Do you have the world’s messiest roommate? Do you want to find a roommate to replace the one that was the world’s messiest?  Are you searching for a new apartment to rent?  2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a garage? What are the things that you want in your new apartment? What things bother you or what things will you miss when you find another apartment? It’s your pick so post us your thoughts today.

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