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Finding an apartment has become drastically different over the years. Instead of searching for listings in a newspaper or maybe having a connection who works at an apartment community, consumers now use social media, sites like ForRent.com, mobile apps and so on. With all of these resources available, ForRent.com wants to know exactly what types of methods renters are using in their apartment search.

Are ratings and reviews more important to you? Perhaps you take the social media sites of apartments of interest into heavy consideration. Whatever it may be – we want to know what the most important aspects of your apartment search are!
Take our quick Apartment Searching in the Digital Age 2017 to tell us how you look for an apartment and be automatically entered to win 1 of 3 $100 VISA gift cards!

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Hi, all! I'm Maggie, the Assistant Manager of Public Relations and Events here at For Rent. I'm part of an awesome team of fun, creative people that love to get together and think up new ideas and solutions for the multifamily industry. Here at ForRent.com, I write and edit A LOT! Other things I love: reading, Netflix, rain storms, Thai food, beach days with friends and the Georgia Bulldogs.


  1. I look for apartments in neighborhoods  that are close to transportation,  low crime rate, and family orientated.  I am a working mom with a 2 year old.
  2. Nina Carruthers says:
    Hello my name is Nina C. 

    It seems so impossible to rent a place if I’m not on a fixed income or my income needs to be so much a month.

    I work and I’m currently enrolled in school.

    I’ve never had an eviction since before my mom became I’ll was a Assistant and then a property manager. 

    I never thought in a million years it would be so hard to find a place. I’ve spent most of my monies on application fees and credit checks to not even get a phone call or email…

    This is getting discouraging, yet I’ll keep using this site too something happens.


    Nina C.

    • Hello Nina,
      Getting bad news from a property management company can absolutely be discouraging. And to add that you are consistently paying out application fees and credit check charges can make it even more daunting. What you need to figure out is the reason why they are choosing not to invite you as a tenant. Is your background check clean? Are there any issues with your references? Do you make enough to afford the rent?

      There are a few tips and rules that can potentially help to get you an apartment that I’ll share:
      1.) Know your budget. Either you can afford it or you can not.
      2.) Don’t lie on your application. The truth will always come out. It’s better to be open and honest than to get declined because of a white lie.
      3.) Know exactly what you want. Do your research ask the right questions and build a rapport if you can with those potential property managers.
      4.) Check Your Credit. Is your credit showing any negative marks? You should be privy to all issues with your credit and if there are any errors get those cleaned asap.
      5.) Reconsider location and amenities. Maybe a studio apartment is better (and more affordable) then a two-bedroom. Perhaps the place in City A is too expensive in comparison to City B. Try to reconsider and self-compromise your wants and needs.

      All of these suggestions can save you money, stress, and anxiety. Try to focus on what you can change – try not to worry about the past and work towards making yourself an attractive tenant in the future. I am sure you will be moving into your new apartment in no time! All the best Nina!

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