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Loving your new roomies, but not loving chasing them around to pay the rent? Or are you the one that always seems to be forgetting your side of the bills? Either way, there are always problems that arise when splitting the rent. No matter how many times you make a plan of how things are going to go down each month, one roommate always winds up having to nag the other for their share. It is great that most bill paying is done online but that usually means that one person mans the account and the other pays back their half. Sometimes you can split up rent, utilities, insurance, and other bills so you wind up paying nearly the same amount each month —each mate paying for the entirety of each entity. But other times that isn’t possible. That’s where writing checks becomes cumbersome and money sending apps have become the new norm.

Student Loan Hero has compiled a killer list of bill splitting apps and we’re breaking a few of them down for you —to alleviate your bill splitting woes and make renting an apartment together a (mostly) enjoyable experience!

Best Apps For Splitting Expenses With Roommates


Splitwise helps to ensure everyone gets paid back and is completely free to use on your computer, iPhone, or Android. It tallies up all your IOUs so you can reimburse in one big payment. This is great when you’re having to pay for rent that isn’t all inclusive. You can also set up reminders to help you keep up with payments by uploading expenses and sharing with your roomies.

Twitter: @Splitwise


Venmo is probably the most popular among the money-sending app variety. You can easily add a bank account or debit card and transfer money between roommates at no extra charge. You can also keep money in your Venmo account to use towards your bills. Venmo is totally free and easy as long as both parties involved have the app. It’s also a great way to send birthday money or split dinner!

Twitter: @venmo


IOU is your personal debt manager! You can upload expenses, share them among your housemates and even send each other email reminders about payments. You can add recurring IOUs for monthly bills and create payment plans for bigger purchases. It’s really easy to keep track of everything with a record of your debt history. Avoid confusion and fights about who paid who back, when you can refer back to the app.

Twitter: @IOUTweet


Splitrr is extremely easy and convenient to use because there is no login required, it works completely offline and supports all currencies. It will help tell you who is next to pay and who owes whom money. You can generate a PDF to email to your roomies to keep up to date. This app also works wonders for planning weekend trips and vacations!


So what if you and your roomies share groceries? There’s an app for that! With OurGroceries you can easily make and change grocery lists, crossing off items as you purchase them. That way you don’t end up with double duty on shareable items like eggs, milk, and (of course) wine.

Twitter: @ourgroceries

Best Apps For Splitting Expenses With Roommates

While living with a new roommate is never easy, setting ground rules about bill sharing will help make the transition a lot less stressful. If you’re still looking for the perfect roommate, check out some of these tips for finding the ideal roomie!

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