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Chicago is known as the Windy City and one of the top locations for indoor and outdoor ice skating. If you’re looking to get some practice or have a fun day with friends, then grab your skates and set off for these most well-loved rinks.

1. Maggie Daley Ice Skating Ribbon
Looking for something postcard-perfect? Enjoy the sensory experience of skating under Chicago’s breath-taking skyline on ice surrounding with scenic garden landscape. When you’ve had your fill of figure eights and tricks, you can stop at some of the side shops for a hot cup of cocoa or a relaxing conversation. Admission is free and skate rentals are available.

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2. McCormick Tribune Ice Rink
Located in Millennium Park, the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink holds an annual Christmas tree lighting celebration, which has become the traditional start of local holiday festivities. They also offer free skating lessons and other programs, which include Noodle Hockey, Speed Skating, and Ice Dancing. Admission is free and skate rentals are available.

3. Johnny’s Ice House
The founder of the Chicago Jets Youth Hockey Club, Johnny’s Ice House has many different programs available for hockey players of all skill levels and ages. This is also the home hockey rink to the St. Ignatius and Latin School high school teams, and the practice rink for the Chicago Blackhawks. If Ice Hockey is your game, then this is the place to be.

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4. Franklin Park Ice Arena
For some good old fashioned family fun on the ice, the Franklin Park Ice Arena is the place for you. With rink times open to the public, skate rentals available, and the latest trending music blaring overhead, you can enjoy a family-friendly party during the winter or summer months.

5. McFetridge Sports Center
Offering group skating lessons for all levels, McFetridge Sports Center has one of the most appealing packages for beginners. They teach everything from synchronized to freestyle skating. However, if you’re already skilled, their instructors are ready to up the ante with lesson to upgrade and sharpen your skills.

6. Centennial Ice Rink
North Shore Magazine calls the Centennial Ice Rink ‘the number one ice skating rink in Chicago.’ Offering classes to thousands of skaters each year, their lessons range from hockey classes to freestyle skating. They boast a summer Figure Skating Camp and are a member of the United States Figure Skating Association, as well as many other prestigious skating clubs.

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7. Glenview Ice Center
The Glenview Ice Center offers entire rink rental times for private parties, classes at their Figure Skating School, many public skate session times, and even some kid-friendly games of Ice Broomball – which is much like ice hockey, but without skates so children can have fun while getting used to the feel of ice under their feet. This choice is where to be if you’re hosting a large party or event, where you can arrange to get your friends’ skills sharp enough for the festivities.

8. Skokie Park District: Skatium Ice Arena
Located within the Skokie Park District, the Skatium Ice Arena is open for public skating year-round with roller hockey during the summer months and ice hockey, recreational skating, and figure skating during the winter months. Classes are taught by specialists and provide wide-ranging skating skills for all abilities and all ages. They boast two well-maintained rinks and offer private parties as well as skate rentals.

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9. Oak Lawn Ice Arena
Located within the Oak Lawn Park District, the Oak Lawn Ice Arena is a fan favorite of the locals. Whether you are a skilled hockey player, or a backyard enthusiast, an aspiring figure skater, or a recreational ice skater, the Oak Lawn Ice Arena has something for everyone to enjoy — but especially for those rising stars. They boast of an international-sized rink, relaxed seating for over a thousand spectators and a large viewing platform of the ice rink’s surface. The rink as well as private areas are available for public rental. This is a great place to hold a large family reunion and an exciting game of ice hockey with the cousins.



When it comes to great skating, Chicago offers its finest. If you want to get in shape so you can show off your best in competitions or for your friends, here are Four Foam Roller Exercises for Apartment Renters to make getting in shape easy.

For more information about Chicago – check out Chicago’s Metro Page on ForRent.com!

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