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There are many large obvious items that you need when packing up for college.  TV, mini fridge, bed sheets and pillows, those are the easy things to remember.  It’s the little things that you would never think of until you’re caught without it.  Here are a few things you will never forget, once you find yourself in dire need:

  • Public enemy number one… toilet paper.  Just because you’re living in a dorm with community bathrooms doesn’t mean there is guaranteed to be toilet paper on the roll.  Always keep a reserve supply.
  • Sandals: for showering purposes.  Community showers are a feeding ground for bacteria.  There’s no better of a welcoming to college like a nice staff infection or bad case of athlete’s foot.  Keep the sandals handy.
  • USB Flash Drive.  The flash drive is quick and easy.  I know it’s easy to send yourself papers via e-mail, but the first time the internet goes out in your dorm you’ll end up buying a flash drive.
  • Phone Charger.  This is pretty much a universal rule for going on any trip.  It’s almost on the level of toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.  Yet, as essential as it is to our lives, we still forget them everywhere we go.

If you have ever been caught in a pickle without a strange item, please feel free to help your fellow college students and post a forewarning below.


Picture Courtesy of: ArisAbdullah


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