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Keeping up with current clothing trends is a fun activity endorsed by magazines and fashion shows every season. While knowing the current trends for fashion can be simple, up-to-date apartment trends are a little harder to find. The easiest way to keep current in your apartment is with color. Paint companies and brands have been releasing the colors of the year for 2012, and the rich hues are perfect to add to even the most simple apartment. Try using these colors in your home to create a fun and trendy environment.


Blue and Red – Do not be shy around this color combination! This season’s shades are varied from muted powder blue and crimson to a bright, almost neon blue and cherry red. If you are able to paint your walls, opt for a softer color on the walls and add bright accessories.



Tangerine and Brown – Two firey colors, tangerine and brown balance each other in any room. The brightness of the orange is captured and toned down by the brown. Grays and cream colors also go well as accents. Find a dark, warm hue of brown instead of a cool shade.



Green and White – Although green might be an intimidating color to add in a room, the right shade of green will make a room blossom with life. The relaxing hue mixes well with white, which keeps the green from becoming overbearing. Plants and shrubs can be added with green accessories for a springtime feel.



These fashionable colors can be used to freshen up any room. Many stores and home centers will have a wide range of shades and hues for these colors. If bright colors are too much, a more muted hue or a lighter shade will still bring a pop of color into a room without being too drastic.


Pictures from: wonderlane, tabithablue, and andyket

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