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Whether you live in one of the top cities for Uber or not, many of us have become accustomed to taking Ubers to the airport, to go out or even to get to work. Most of us try to be good passengers, follow the rules and enjoy the ride. But there are definitely some people out there who act up and do some crazy things in their Uber. Can we talk about those poor drivers?

Business Insider put together some crazy Uber horror stories and we’re summing up some of the most laughable (and cringe worthy) stories these drivers have to tell!

One female driver from the Bronx tells a story about a man who tried to lay down on her lap and flirt with her while his wife and friends were in the back seat. He also got sick in the back of the car FOUR TIMES, a mere block away from the drop-off point. She said that she’d “rather drive four drunk college kids than one drunk middle-aged man any day”.

The next story is just totally weird. This driver picked up a man and woman both dressed and made up as professional grade Uncle Sams. We’re talking latex facial features and high-quality costumes. He thought it would be fun! Wrong. The two Uncle Sams wound up arguing about how he was flirting with another women, then trying to drag the driver into the discussion as a third-party observer and finally making out in the backseat.

This is the story of a rude business man traveling around LA. The driver picks him up at a train station, listens to him call, and make a scene at the hotel he’s supposedly staying at, and then ends up just telling the driving to go back to the train station where he got picked up. Instead of a nice ride to Beverly Hills, this driver got nine bucks and a rude guy in the backseat.

Then of course there’s the drivers that get stuck with unresponsive intoxicated young adults in the backseat. I’m sure you pretty much get what that picture looks like.

There are also passengers that lie and jeopardize drivers’ jobs. One driver tells the tale of a “kid” getting in his car late at night, who wrote a false report to try and get a refund on his fare. He claimed that the driver was speeding and driving dangerously. Uber issued him a warning —and he could have lost his job!

This story is downright nasty! To make a long story short one Uber driver picked up an intoxicated passenger who decided he needed to stop to relieve himself. And we’re talking number one AND number two. The driver wound up throwing his passengers wallet out the window and driving off. Turns out, this guy called another Uber and wiped his butt all over the back seat. Talk about a horror story!

There are also a few riders out there whose sense of entitlement is so large that they feel like they can treat their drivers horribly. Looking totally down on their working-class drivers and being totally rude and unbearable.

What is the craziest thing that you’ve ever experienced in an Uber? Let us know in the comments below.

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